Hi! I’m back. 🙂

Well, it’s been about a year and A LOT has been going on, but I’m hoping to start posting again on a regular basis. To catch you up a bit:

  1. My son started Kindergarten. It’s been a weird adjustment for everyone, but it’s given me more free time which I’m learning how to fill.
  2. I trained for (and then got injured 10 days before) the Philadelphia Marathon. Looks like 2017 wasn’t my year, but I had a great time training and I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish in 2018.
  3. I started a Podcast! YAY! It’s a podcast for my library and it’s called Young Adult at Heart: Great YA Reads for All Ages. I’m really proud of it, so if you like YA books, click here to gives a listen.
  4. I’ve done some fabulous programming at my library, including a monthly adult crafting program called Merchantville Makers and a Couch to 5K training program that just finished up on Saturday. It was a great experience and might get it’s own post. 🙂

I’m hoping to pick up the blog and start moving forward from here. There might also be some design tweaks in the next month. We’ll see…

As always, thanks for reading!
<3 Christen

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Last week was a bad week for fitness and macros. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were fine, but Wednesday was “Date Night”… followed by several days of laziness, bad eating, and a general lack of motivation. It happens. Normally, when I spiral out of control, I spiral for weeks on end. However, this time, I’m happy to report that I was back in the gym and moving by Monday.   Continue reading

Library Make & Takes: Star Wands!

IMG_2781I have helped put out A LOT of make and take crafts over the years, but the star wand will always be my favorite! The star wand speaks to your whimsy… and not only if you’re a child. I had three teenage girls visit my library last Tuesday, see the Star Wand supplies on the back table, stop, sit down, and each make one. The next day I had three younger girls walk into the library with their mom. The mom told one of my staff that her daughters were out walking the town yesterday when they saw a group of teenage girls with star wands. The mom asked where they got them because her daughters liked the wands so much. The teens told the mom that they made the wands at the library, so this woman and her daughters were now here to make wands, too! YAY!  Continue reading

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

I started Livefit Trainer Phase 2 this week, and oh em gee, it’s no joke. I’m now at the gym lifting six days a week, with 4 days of cardio added to that. I also have a four year old who doesn’t want to go to sleep anymore, so I’m not getting to the gym til 10:00 pm. It was a rough week, but I did it!

I’m really enjoying the intensity of the workouts and the variety of exercises. If I’m being honest, I have been sticking to the same strength training exercises for the last couple of years, so it’s been really great for me to branch out of my {very small} comfort zone and try new stuff. Also, the people working out at my gym have been really great and always willing to answer any questions I have regarding a certain machine or move. The more willing I am to ask questions, the less intimidating everything becomes. Go figure.  Continue reading

Library Make & Takes: Handprint Popsicle Stick Campfire

IMG_2666Those of you who have followed the blog for awhile know that I love me some self directed programming {especially for the teens}. This past Winter I tried a teen program with notebooks and washi tape for teens that was kind of a fail {no one showed}, so I put all of the supplies in a box, added a sign with directions, and put the craft on a back table in my library. It was an unbelievable success! I had teens, younger kids, parents, and seniors sitting at that back table working on the notebooks. That was when I decided that I need to have more self directed Make & Takes at my new branch. 🙂  Continue reading

Wild Wednesdays {Clay Pot Painting}

IMG_2506One of my favorite things about being a public librarian is the programming: Story times, crafts, gaming. I was used to large attendance numbers at my story times, but teen programs would bring in maybe 10 teens at a time. Then I started my new job and was introduced to “Wild Wednesdays”. What are Wild Wednesdays? you ask. My predecessor used to do a craft program every Wednesday at the library for both the public and the kids in the school’s (did I ever mention that my little public library is attached to a school? It is!) after school program. So, imagine, I used to have 10ish teens in a very large meeting room…. and all of a sudden I have 50ish kids in a one room library building expecting a craft. Hence, Wild Wednesdays.  Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday {Part 3}

Holy cow! It’s now been a year since I started counting my macros. (Want to see my first macro post and read up on what a macro is? Check it out here.) I’ve learned a lot about myself, my eating habits, and my body this last 12 months and it’s made for one heck of a journey.

I had a rough winter. There was the stress of a new job, holiday eating, and so much sickness. I stopped counting macros in November and ended up gaining quite a bit of weight. Luckily I got my act back together in February and have managed to stay on track with pretty accurate consistency the last 5 months. I think the biggest positive change though has been my husband jumping on the macro train!!! It’s so much easier to be consistent with your diet when your partner has the same food goals as you.

This past 4 weeks I have hit my macros pretty much every day, allowing myself 1-2 cheat meals a week. (Cheat meals- not cheat days! This is a big deal because I used to have cheat weekends.) My daily macros are 196 grams of carbs/148 grams of protein/64 grams of fat and on an average day, I get my macros in like this:

Breakfast IMG_2467Ah. Coffee with sugar free french vanilla creamer. Breakfast of champions, right there. Or maybe not. I used to eat a bigger breakfast every morning, but some stuff has changed. For example, I now tend to work out after 9:00 pm and am pretty hungry after that workout, so I like to save a “meal” for around 10:00 at night. Also, I’m no longer super hungry when I first wake up. My work day starts an hour earlier than it used to and I’m usually spending my mornings rushing around, trying to get both me and my tiny dude ready for the day. So, coffee it is!  Continue reading

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Well. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Weekly Workout Wrap Up (and you know, blogged at all), but I was thinking it might be best to just jump back in and go.

So…. Hi! I started recounting my macros back in March after gaining way too much weight during the fall and winter. I was counting macros and running, but my knees were killing me and I wasn’t quite seeing the results I was hoping for, so I decided that I was going to put running on hold and start focusing on my lifting again.  Continue reading