I <3 Pinterest

I’ve always had a great imagination.  As a child, I would have these amazing ideas (such as the time I decided to turn a cardboard box into my Stewardess Barbie’s airplane and use old wallpaper scraps for decoration… it was a bust), but they would always end up as an epic fail.  In my teens I put the Barbies down and discovered boys.  It didn’t take me too long to realize that I had a type.  All of my love interest were creative.  They were writers, artists, musicians… and they all had the talent I so desperately craved as a child.  By my early 20s, I came to the conclusion that although I lacked a serious DIY talent, I was an awesome muse for all of these creative people in my life.  I would come up with ideas and let the “artists” bring them to fruition.

It wasn’t until I met Dave in my late 20s that I discovered that I could be artistic, too.   As a graphic artist, he full of ideas and talent.  When I told him that I wanted to try Project 365 back in 2009 he encouraged me, often showing me how to find the perfect shot.  When I got comfortable with my point and shoot, he put a real DSLR camera in my hands and encouraged me to continue to grow as an artist. 

In 2010, I had to have ankle surgery to repair a tear in my peroneal tendon.  I found myself in a cast and home for eight weeks.  During my second week home on the couch, my mom came by and encouraged me to crochet her a scarf.  Oooookay.  With the help of YouTube and The Happy Hooker, I realized that not only could I crochet, I actually really loved it.  (I even had an Etsy shop for about a year!)

It’s amazing how you can spend 27 years of your life not realizing that you have an inner DIYista just waiting to break out.  Then one day, BAM!, you realize, “Hey, I can totally do this” and everything just starts to click.  I’ve found a major love of photography and crochet… and then about 6 months ago I discovered crafting heaven on Earth… PINTEREST!  I’ve attempted several pins over the last few months.  Some of them have been Epic Fails… some Epic Successes… all of them a learning experience!

I created this blog to document how I’m putting Pinterest to use, as well as how I’m finding my inner DIYista one pin at a time.  Thanks for stopping by…


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