Oh. Em. Gee. I Made a Minky Baby Blanket!

I can’t believe it.  She who sucks with the sewing machine actually sewed a baby blanket tonight.  I am so ridiculously proud of myself and now I can’t stop looking at my new blanket.  I pinned a DIY minky blanket tutorial that I found from Mama Stellato about a week ago.  I really didn’t think I would make the blanket though.  Then I got an e-mail from Jo-ann Fabrics saying that they were having a 50% fleece sale, so I thought to myself, “why not give it a try?” 

I bought:
-1 yard of animal print fleece
-1 yard of brown minky fabric

The fleece was 50% off and I had a 40% off coupon to use for the minky fabric.  I also had $6 left on a gift card, so I ended up spending $8.99 for all of my supplies.  Woot!  I left out the batting that the original tutorial called for because I did not think I would need it.  Dewey Baby will be born in March, so I figured I would not need that third layer.

I prewashed my fabrics and then spread them out on the dining room table:

I then took out the scissors and trimmed my fabric up to the size I wanted:

After that, I began the epic battle that was pinning my two fabrics together (UGH!) and got to sewing:

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sew in a straight line, but then I realized I could just follow the line of bumps from the minky fabric and that really made all the difference.

After I finished my initial sewing go around, I pulled the right side out, and blind stitched the open seam together:

The last step was to go back around the blanket and top stitch a 1/4 inch around the edge:

I cannot stress enough how happy I am with my finished blanket!  In fact, I can’t wait to make more.  This Pin was by far my most Epic Success.  If you’re interested in learning how to sew a minky blanket, please please please check out Mama Stellato’s tutorial  You will not be disappointed!

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