Pinterest Inspired Me!

I love photography!  It took me 26 years to realize it, but it’s true.  Ever since Dave put that DSLR in my hands, I’ve been hooked.  Now, I get super excited whenever I see photography pins on Pinterest because I can’t wait to try them out.   I took the above picture earlier today.  I wanted something cute to show off my bump… but not the rest of me because I’m getting HUGE! 🙂  This picture came about because of several different pins.

First, I love the picture found in this Pin:

(I’m sad to say that when you click on this Pin it just takes you right back to the picture and not to the photographer’s website.  I would have loved to give this photographer the credit that s/he deserves.)

Next, who doesn’t love  I know I’m obsessed with my app!  Well, thanks to this fantabulous Pin I was able to find free actions for Photoshop!  WOOHOO!!!

(Thank you A is for Ampersand for sharing these filters!)

Lastly, I came across this great Pin of a photo wall yesterday and knew that not only would I one day be rocking a very similar wall, but I had to have that square framed TTV look on a photo asap!

(Thank you to Just Be Blogged for the inspiration and for posting instructions on how you got this look!)

By combining Christmas tree lights, the Earlybird filter, and a TTV frame I was able to create the perfect holiday maternity/bump photo!  Thank you to all of those awesome bloggers, designers, and pinners out there who help inspire me every. single. day.

Happy Holidays!

~Christen, Dave, and The Bump~

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