Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken: Simple & Yum!

As someone with a pretty busy schedule (and not the greatest love of cooking), I get super excited when a recipe calls for 5 ingredients or less.  This excitement quadruples if it’s a crockpot recipe.  When I came across a Pin for  The Mommy Diaries’ Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken recipe, I nearly jumped for joy!  It only called for THREE ingredients *and* it was a crockpot recipe.  Plus, this dish has pineapple in it!  Mmmmmm! 🙂

Are you ready for how simple this recipe is? First, grab your (three!) ingredients:

(The recipe called for chicken breast, but I used tenderloins.  Also, I could not find the exact Hawaiian BBQ sauce that the recipe called for, so I used World Harbors Maui Sweet and Sour Sauce instead and it was delicious.)

Next, throw your chicken into the crockpot:

Then your pineapple (I drained about half the can first):

Then the Hawaiian BBQ sauce:

(This is the sauce I ended up using and it was amazing!)

Turn your crockpot on low and walk away for 6 hours.  How easy is that?!

I cooked up some Jasmine rice and ladled the Hawaiian Chicken on top:

Mmmmmm!  This dish was surprisingly yummy.  Even Dave, who does not like fruit in his dinners enjoyed it.  I think the only thing I would do differently is next time I might chop up some onion and green peppers and add them into the crockpot to cook for the last hour or so, just so the dish has some more color and crunch.

Thank you to The Mommy Diaries for sharing this fabulous recipe!  I rate this Pin another Pinterest Epic Success.

Happy cooking…


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  1. I tried this last week and it was really good! I wish I had cooked some rice to go with it. I will do that next time.

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