When Life Hands You Lemons… Repurpose an Old T-Shirt into Something Fabulous!

I woke up this morning not feeling my most chipper self.  I knew that I would have some things to deal with over the course of the day that I was not looking forward to, so I thought it would be best if I accomplished something great before heading into the lib.  Dave bought me my sewing machine back in June (just a few short weeks before I realized I was pregnant) and today I decided to attempt the project that prompted me to ask him for said sewing machine.

I became obsessed with the t-shirt shrug earlier this past summer when I saw one for sale on Etsy for a crazy amount of money.  I showed the listing to my coworker, Andrea, and she said, “I can make that”.  I remember thinking that I wanted to be able to make something so awesome, too.  Thanks to Wobisobi’s great tutorial, I was able to try!  Now, I feel the need to warn you all ahead of time… I’m still a sewing novice so I actually made quite a few mistakes.  I’m still really proud of my attempt and will be trying this tutorial again someday soon.

So, without further ado:

First, I gathered all of my materials.  I grabbed an old t-shirt, some leftover fabric (I thought I would make my own bow.  I did not and I’ll explain more later.), thread, pins, and my sewing machine:

Next, I actually ironed my shirt, then cut up the middle:

Then I cut off the neckline:

I then got to pinning:

I did fine with the pinning until I came to the corners.  They really threw me for a loop:

(If anyone has suggestions on how to make the corners look smoother I would love to hear it!)

Finally it was time to sew.  I first attempted the zigzag stitch… but that was a fail:

After that, I ripped everything out and decided to just sew some straight lines.  Things got better… I guess.  I still had some issues.  I think the corners looked too sharp.  I would have preferred a more rounded edge, if possible:

(Example 1)

(Example 2)

Also, I might have picked my needle up and had to move it because I was sewing a little too close to the edge of my fabric:

Now, this was the biggie.  I would say it was at this point that I realized that this t-shirt was a wee bit too small even before I got pregnant.  How the heck was it supposed to fit me now?!  Answer: It’s not.  WAH WAHHHHHH!  I didn’t want to quit, but I decided there was no way I was investing more time into making a bow out of that scrap fabric for a shrug I wouldn’t even be able to get into.  Instead, I dug up some white rope, and got to threading:

The result:

A not too shabby looking shrug that I will not be squeezing into any time soon.  :-/

I did bring it to work today and had my lovely coworker try it on… just to see what it would have looked like if I wasn’t pregnant… and maybe 40 lbs lighter:

(I think the Christmas turtleneck really adds to the look of the shrug!)

Welllllll… not my most successful Pinterest craft, but I tried.  I now have a better idea of what I’m doing and I plan to revisit this project after the baby gets here in March.  I would really recommend checking out Wobisobi’s tutorial as well as the rest of her blog.   Her Project Restyle tab is especially inspiring!

I’m rating this Pin an Epic Meh.  It wasn’t quite a success, but not quite a failure either.

Thanks for reading…


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