Peppermint Sugar Scrub

I have a super awesome crafty pants recipe to share with everyone tonight.  First of all, this did not come from Pinterest.  It came from my friend (and Labor Buddy) Heidi.  She gave me her instructions so that I could make this fantabulous sugar scrub for my friends and coworkers this holiday season.  Now, she’s letting me share with all of you! 🙂  (Heidi will be posting this sugar scrub to her blog after the holidays.  I’ll make sure to add a link once it’s up on her site.) 


3 cups sugar

1 cup, 2 tablespoons oil (I used vegetable oil)

Peppermint essential oil

Candy canes


First thing I did was mix the sugar and oil in a large bowl.

(My containers held a decent amount of sugar scrub so I only ended up filling 3 of my 5 containers.  You might need to double your batch.)

Next, you want to add in your peppermint oil to the sugar/oil mixture.  (Just an FYI… I bought mine at The Vitamin Shoppe.  I paid about $6.50 for the bottle.)  I read somewhere to add 10 drops per serving.  I ended up just shaking my oil in 50 times.

Move the sugar and oil bowl aside and put some candy canes in a smaller bowl.  (I think I used seven.)

Now, start smashing.  I used a Marilyn Monroe shot glass to crush my candy canes cause that’s how I roll…

Pour the crushed candy canes into the sugar/oil mixture bowl and stir together.

After everything is all mixed together, you want to fill up your containers.  My original plan was to buy little mason jars, but then I saw these:

I think I paid $3.65 for the five pack.  I liked these containers better because they were plastic and therefore wouldn’t shatter in the shower if the container accidentally fell over.  Plus, they were a lot less money than glass mason jars.  (W00t!)

So, anywho… you want to fill the containers.  I added a little candy cane in each container to make the packaging look more festive.

For a finishing touch, I smacked a little wrapping paper bow on top and voila!  Peppermint sugar scrub!

I’m really happy with how this scrub turned out.  In fact, I love it so much I made sure to make plenty for me, too.

I hope you all enjoy Heidi’s fantabulous peppermint sugar scrub recipe.  If you end up making it, please let me know what you think!

Happy holidays…


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