Pocket Hand Warmers

I wanted to make my brother (aka the guy who wants *nothing* every year) a little something for Christmas.  I thought about maybe a hat or a scarf, but then I came across a Pin for Pocket Hand Warmers.  My brother works outside, so I thought these little beauties might be a nice treat for his super cold hands.  Of course, after I made my brother’s set, I realized his girlfriend is a teacher and probably has recess duty so she would need a pair, too.  Then when I showed my mom a picture, she said my dad could also use a pair.  I was so proud of my work, I showed a coworker… and ended up making three pairs for her six year old son to give to his teacher, aide, and the morning car door opener. 🙂  I then showed another coworker, who is a long term substitute teacher, and she wanted a set, too.  Ha!  It became a cycle.  At one point I ran out of rice, but I still have TONS of fabric.  I guess I know what I’m making next year, too.

A great BIG thank you to Blissfully Content for her super easy to follow Pocket Hand Warmers Tutorial!


-Fabric (I used flannel for my brother’s hand warmers, but 100% cotton for some of the other sets I made.  Both work great.)

-Rice (I used just regular long grain white rice.)


-Paper Funnel

-Sewing Machine & basic sewing supplies


-I also made a 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ rectangle in Microsoft Word and printed it up on cardstock… just so I wouldn’t have to keep measuring my squares.


First, cut out four rectangles (two rectangles for each hand warmer) from your fabric.

Start by taking your first two rectangles and pinning your right sides together…

… and sew.

(Make sure to leave a little opening on one of the sides.)

Turn your fabric right side out and use an instrument (chopstick, pen, etc.) to poke out your corners.

***After making my third set of these hand warmers, I started leaving my hole more in the middle of one of the shorter sides (instead of the corner).  I then ironed out the fabric and then folded my open seams under and ironed them to make a nice even seam.  This made it much easier for me to close up the hole.  Instead of blind stitching the hole, I just did one more top stitch (after I filled the bag with rice) real close to the side with the open hole.  Easy peasey!)***

Now you want to make a little paper funnel and fill the fabric with rice (kind of like a bean bag).  I also added in some nutmeg to make the warmers smell nice.

And now we’re almost done! You can either blind stitch that top hole (like I did for this set) or you can follow my above asterisked (***) instructions and top stitch the hole closed.


You will now repeat the above instruction to make bag number two.  After that, I tied mine up with some ribbon to make them look fancy and wrapped them up for Christmas.  I let everyone who received a set of hand warmers know to microwave their bags for approximately 30-45 seconds and that each bag should hold between 20-30 minutes of heat.  (My dad used his set Christmas Eve night while helping Dave scrape the ice off of his windshield before we went home.  Brrrr!  My dad said his hands stayed toasty though.)

Thank you again to Blissfully Content for the super easy instructions.  Not only was this Pin an Epic Success, but it will more than likely be my go to holiday gift for many Christmases to come.

Happy Holidays!


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