Visual Weight Loss Jars

A month ago I saw a fabulous Pin for a Weight Loss Visual created by Deanna’s Journey to Staying Healthy.  I liked what I saw so much that I knew I would have to make my own Visual Weight Loss Jars to help me lose my baby weight.  I found out last week that my lil guy is breech, so I have a c section scheduled in 10 days.  With the baby’s birth date being so close, I figured it was time to get crafting!


2 Jars (mine came from Ikea)


Decorative marbles/rocks

Are you ready for the easiest craft on the planet?  I hope so!

Step 1: Put stickers on jars.  “Pounds Lost” goes on one jar.  “Pounds to Lose” goes on the other jar.

Step 2: Weigh yourself. 🙁  You have two options when you’re pregnant and making a visual weight loss aid.  Option 1 is to wait til you get home from the hospital and are a little bit lighter before you hop on the scale.  Option 2 is to say “What the heck?!” and hop on that scale with a baby still in your stomach.  If you’ve been living on a steady diet of fast food burgers and butter cream icing for the last +/- 9 months, Option 2 can be the most depressing thing you will ever do in your life.  BUT… you get the added satisfaction of being able to remove a whole bunch of stones when you get back home from the hospital!  So, I went with Option 2.  (Oh!  I should also add that I still have 10 more days of possible weight gain in front of me, so I will more than likely be adding more stones to my “Pounds to Lose” jar.  Sigh.)

Step 3: Find somewhere to display your jars!  Mine are being housed in my brand new beautiful bookcase that Dave installed for us yesterday.

Now, just a couple of random thoughts to share.  First, I’m pretty sure my jars are way too big.  That, or my stones are too small.  There are A LOT of stones in the first jar and it really doesn’t look like it at all.  (Maybe that’s a good thing?)  So, if you decide to make your own visual weight loss jars, maybe you should buy and count out your stones first, just so you get an idea of how big your jars should be?  Second, I wish I had gotten bigger, more colorful stickers.  You can’t really see them on my jars unless you get right up in front of them.

If I was really feeling anal retentive, I would go out and buy new jars and stickers, but whatever.  I like my new visual weight loss aid and it will do the trick.  I think I’ll rate this Pin an Epic Meh though.  It could have looked better, but it works.

Thanks again to Deanna’s Journey to Staying Healthy for this awesome motivational tool!

Happy Pinning (and weight loss)!


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