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The compulsion to nest, clean, and create has hit me full force over the last 3 weeks.  For someone who considers herself to be “domestically challenged”, this is all a super crazy feeling.  I woke up yesterday and knew that I would have to spend my day crafting.  I went out to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought supplies for three projects.  The first project was the Visual Weight Loss Jars that I completed in like 10 minutes yesterday.  The second project turned out to be a total epic fail and left me screaming at my sewing machine.  My third project was to make a car seat cover for my little guy’s car seat before he gets here in 9 days.  I found an amazing tutorial at Make It Do that was easy to follow and yielded some super cute results. 

Now normally this is the part of the blog where I start posting pictures, supplies needed, and step by step instructions for the project.  Yeah.  It turns out that being 37 weeks pregnant not only makes you want to nest, but it also takes away your patience. :-/  I was in such a mood after last night’s sewing fail and wanted nothing to do with my camera so I decided it was best to leave the step by step instructions to Make It Do.  Sooooo… now I’m going to show you some fabulous pictures of my car seat cover and if you like it (and want to make one for yourself!), head on over to Make It Do’s tutorial!

First, the fabric:

The top fabric (main fabric) is 100% cotton and has totally adorable monsters on it!  As much as I love cutesy baby fabric, I wanted my cover to have a bit more of an edgy look to it.  The bottom fabric (lining fabric) is 100% flannel.  It’s a soothing blue and super soft to the touch.  I’m also hoping the flannel will keep the baby a bit more warm in his car seat when we go out and about.

Now it’s time for the finished results.  First, the outside of the cover from the front:

Then the outside cover from the back:

And here’s the inside:

Lastly, my Velcro straps (for some reason I am super proud of these!):


So, yeah.  Thanks for looking at my pictures and as I said before, if you like what you see, check out the super awesome and easy tutorial at Make It Do!  This Pin is totally an Epic Success!

Happy Pinning…


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