A Great Way to Organize Your Cards

Not too long ago, a friend mentioned how she took all of the cards from her daughters’ baby showers and made a door hanger out of them.  I thought this idea was brilliant, but I couldn’t find any tutorials online.  I guess the idea is pretty simple, but I’m a visual person and like to see step by step instructions. 

I received a lot of cards at Dax’s baby showers (family/friends at one and my awesome coworkers at the other) and I really wanted to do something with them.  I had even saved some of the ribbon from packages.

For this craft, you will need:



metal ring (I got mine at AC Moore)

Ribbon (if desired)

Here’s a better shot of the rings:

I hope you’re ready for how easy this is!

Step one: Punch a hole in the corner of each card.

Step two: Put the cards on the ring.

If you’re not adding ribbon, you’re already done!  BOOM!

Step three: Attach ribbon the ring.

While going through everything, I found the ribbon and gift tag from my mom’s present to me and Dax.  The tag still makes me smile!

Super easy, right?  This is an awesome, inexpensive, crafty way to keep all of your special cards together.  If you can find a bigger metal ring, you can even hang the cards from your child’s bedroom door knob.  Mine is currently hanging on a hook by our book cases.  I love it!

I hope this post today helps inspire you to do crafty things with cards you might receive in the future.


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