I Made a Wreath

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten my craft on.  Between work and the baby, it’s hard to find time for myself.  However, my friend Eva and I decided to hang out last Friday for an Epic Fail Friday and Dave was on baby detail.  (Thanks Dave!)  Can I just say that crafting is so good for the soul?
Anywho, since we’re quickly approaching my favorite time of the year (FALL!), I wanted to make something seasonal.  Well, what’s more seasonal than a wreath in Philadelphia Eagles colors?!  I had a couple of Pinspirations for this program…I was in love with this wreath found on Nest of Posies’s blog and I love love LOVE these felt flowers on Craft Snob.  YAY for an Epic Success Friday! 


straw wreath

ribbon or fabric


hot glue gun

optional: buttons and/or thread

{Nest of Posies used fabric, but I opted for black ribbon.  I like the look, but I think I would have preferred a less shiny ribbon.  Something for me to remember the future.}

Lets get going!  First, hot glue the ribbon to the wreath.

Next, start wrapping (and randomly hot gluing) the ribbon to the wreath.  Make sure you pull tight as you go.

Before you know it, your wreath is wrapped and it’s time for the fun part… flower making!!!!

Flower 1 came for Craft Snob’s blog.  Check out her tutorial here!

Flower 2 involved cutting different size circles and hot gluing them together with a button on top for a bit of embellishment.

Flower 3 was cut with my pinking shears.  Instead of a button, I sewed a little thread into a cross on the top piece.

And voila!  I have myself a lovely little wreath.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and you get to crafting a flashy new wreath for your door soon!  I rate this Pin an Epic Success!


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