No Sew Flower Headband

I think the thing I love most about Pinterest is that it’s brought my teen programs up to a whole new level.  I’ve been a Young Adult (or teen) librarian for four years now and as my kids have grown up and gone away to college, I’ve noticed my program attendance was starting to slip.  When the same old stuff wasn’t working, I knew it was time to try something new.  Obviously, I love crafting.  My last group of teens did not.  Wellllll… it turns out I suddenly have a group of tweens who LOVE to craft, just like me!  WOOT!  So now I scour Pinterest looking for the perfect teen crafts. 

This past summer we made No Sew Flower Headbands as inspired by this Pin.  It was a great success and I thought quite easy to make.  The only tricky thing was the hot glue gun for 12 year old hands.  We had LOTS of burns.  🙁  Whoops.  But if you’re good with a hot glue gun, you should have no issues at all.  Check out Little Miss Momma’s blog for her very easy to follow tutorial.  This project is sure to please girls of all ages.

And an Instagram picture of moi rocking my new flower headband:

Love. Love. Love. <3

Happy pinning…


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