Twelve Weeks to Better Photos: Week Six, Shooting Indoors

Well, we’ve made it to week 6 and are halfway done our 12 week course.  This week we will be focusing on shooting indoors while utilizing natural light.  You can find week 6’s pdf here.
Parallel to window Shooting indoors can mean a shortage of light.  With less light, you will have to find a comprise with your ISO, shutter speed, and depth of field.  However, today we’re going to learn how to utilize our windows as a natural light source.  Shooting near windows and open doors is a great way to capture light into your pictures, especially during these cold winter months.

When shooting near windows it is important to remember to meter on your subject.  This just means having your camera settings (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) based on the object/person you’re shooting, and not the giant light source behind/beside them.  For this week’s pictures I made sure my focus was on the darkest part of the picture (read: my son’s shirt)!

The Assignment

This week’s assignment is to use your windows and doors to create natural light.  You want to try to take pictures of your subject both back lit and in direct light.  Also, try to capture your subject parallel to your light source.


{back lit}


{direct light}

Parallel to window

{side lit}

What I Learned

This week’s lesson has been really helpful for me.  I ALWAYS use my flash when shooting Dax, so it was cool taking pictures of my son without it.  This lesson also forced me to pay attention to my metering, which was great!  I will say that I don’t love the back lit pictures I took, but those side lit pictures are just adorbs.

Thanks for playing along this week!  I’ll see you all in seven days for Week 7, Shooting outdoors.


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