Long Time No Post

It’s been about 10 months since I posted anything to this blog.  ::sad face::  I like to think I’m still full of crafty ideas, but if I’m not working or chasing around my toddler, I’m probably sleeping (or running) and that has left little time to be a blogger.  If we’re going to keep it real, I’ve also tried to start a couple of other blogs over the last few months.  I feel like my interests have changed and there are other things I want to talk about… I’m just having trouble figuring out how I want to present myself. Do I want to be a blog about crafts? Being a mom? Being a mom focusing on fitness? Can I have a blog that incorporates all of that? Is anyone even reading this anyway?!

All of that said, I decided to just start posting what I want to post, and once I figure out where I’m going I’ll rebrand and move forward from there.

So if you’re still reading this blog (even after 10 months) I thank you.  Now let me catch you up with some pictures:

Image{I got married.}

5{My son needs two binks.}

6 {I do Pinterest-y things with my child.}

1 {I do Pinterest-y things with other people’s children.}

47   {I discovered posting “Transformation Tuesday” pictures on Instagram makes me verrrrrry happy!!}

2{I found my inner runner… and she’s kind of kick ass.}

Thanks for catching up!



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