Leg Day

I am exhausted! Between the craziness that was yesterday and the physical activity from today I am ready for bed.  So on that note, here’s to the fastest post ever.

My husband is awesome:

1{These are stargazer lilies and irises. I was supposed to get them on Valentine’s Day, but because of snow, they were never delivered Friday.  After spending the weekend on a FedEx truck, they were delivered yesterday to my library. Of course, the library was closed because of the holiday, so my flowers spent the day and night outside of the building. Fingers crossed that the flowers bloom.}

2{He really does love me!}

3{I did NOT eat any of this. Day 2 of the BFL Challenge and I am going strong. WOOT!}

I went to the gym during my lunch break!  YAY!  When I checked in on foursquare I saw that it had been 5 weeks since my last gym check in. Booooo! But I’m back and I’m ready to do some damage.

4{Gym selfie.}

You can find the BFL exercise guide here if you are so inclined. Today was lower body and I did:

1a. Barbell squats

1b. Leg extensions

2a. Lying leg curls

2b. Dumbbell lunges

3a. Seated calf raises

3b. Standing heel raises

4a. Floor crunches

4b. Reverse crunches

Words cannot express my soreness and my exhaustion, but I am done, I am in bed, and I am about to go to sleep.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone!


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