Super Easy Infinity Scarf


Sometimes I think I’m the world’s worst blogger… but I have been super crafty lately and I really need to start posting again. I taught quite a bit of sewing this past summer to tweens and teens. I had my Sew Fantastic class, for teens in Grades 6-12, meet five Thursdays in a row and then I also assisted with our Sew Together class for younger children and their caregivers. In August we made these super easy (and awesome!) infinity scarves that my boss found on this blog post from Kitchen Counter Chronicles. I loved the project so much that I decided to also reuse the pattern with my teens!  This scarf is fast and easy to sew up and makes a great accent piece (and present).


-2 yards of fabric (Mine is Barbie fabric from Walmart!!)

-Coordinating thread

-Basic Sewing Supplies


  1. Cut a piece of lightweight fabric to 72″ x 14″. (The original instructions said to cut the fabric 57″ x 14″, but I wanted a longer “adult” scarf, so I used the full length of my fabric.)
  2. Fold the fabric along the long edge, right sides together. Pin and sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance.
  3. Turn the scarf right side out. You can simply finger press the long edge flat or use an iron to press the scarf. (It will look neater if you use an iron.)
  4. To create the loop, tuck one end of the scarf into the other end of the scarf…creating a loop…be certain you have not twisted the scarf. Tuck the raw edge of the outside piece of the scarf under, about 1″. Pin this edge. Sew along the pinned seam.
  5. Wear your awesome new scarf!

I didn’t take pictures of my steps, but make sure to check out the original blog post from Kitchen Counter Chronicles to get pictures and instructions!

Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting!


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