Paint Sample Notebooks {Self Directed Programs}

I have posted before that I am the Queen of Self Directed Programs at my library. It’s hard to get teens to participate in a library program… but leave out a little craft to do and they are all on it! This past September I decided to bring back the DIY To Go, this time with Paint Sample Notebooks. They were fun and easy to make and all 30 of my kits were made in three weeks. SCORE!

6You’ll need:

  • Paint chip sample
  • Paper scraps
  • Stapler
  • Stickers (for embellishments)

***Quick note on paint chip samples. I had to go to several different stores before I found the paint chip samples I wanted. (Walmart still carries the long skinny samples.)  I know that these are used to sell a product so I only grabbed what I knew we would use. I work on a budget so I have to plan on a budget.***




1. Choose your paint chip sample and then fold and crease one end up about a half an inch.

32. Take the top edge & catch it under that little flap on the bottom to form your little matchbook-style notebook.


53. Place the paper scraps inside of the folded paint chip sample. Staple the bottom flap to hold the paper into your mini notebook.


4. Decorate the paint chip with stickers or stamps!


Like I said at the beginning of the post, I was using these specifically with my library teens, so I put everything out on a table and walked away. Everyone was very respectful of the project. I never saw a single wasted paint chip sample, plus they saved their instructions, baggies, and paper clips so I could reuse them. (I didn’t even think to ask them to save the baggies and instructions.)

This is a fun and easy craft that would be great for birthday parties or Ladies Craft Nights!

Have fun…



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