{Sew} Easy Pouch with Zipper Tabs

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I first attempted the zipper pouch three years ago. Although the pouch came out fine (especially for a novice), the experience was horrible and I swore off zippers for a loooooooooooong time. This past summer, however, I taught sewing to a group of 7 teenage girls and I decided it was time to bring back the zipper in my life. Have you ever seen a group of teenage girls look at you with anger, frustration, and tears? It’s pretty horrible! But each of the young ladies in my class finished their zippered pouch and the pride on their faces when they saw their finished pouch made the whole experience worth it.

While perusing Pinterest one day for new sewing ideas, I came across a pin for a tabbed zipper pouch. I had never thought to do this, but loved the idea of adding tabs so that my zipper actually opens all the way on my finished project. (True story. The ends of my zipper ALWAYS get stuck in the pouch.) After looking at several different tutorials, I finally put together my own pattern that has worked best for me. Hopefully you all find this as easy as I did. {For this project I have been using my Fat Quarter Bundle of 7 from the Wrens & Friends Collectionby Gina Martin for Moda that I bought from Sisters and Quilter’s Etsy shop.}

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Cut (2) 6″ x 9″ pieces from your outside fabric
Cut (2) 6″ x 9″ pieces from your lining fabric
Cut (2) 2″ x 4″ pieces from your lining fabric (for zipper tabs)
7″ Zipper


1. Cut out all of your pieces of fabric. You will have two pieces of outside fabric, two pieces of lining fabric, and two pieces for your zipper tabs. After you finish your cutting, we will attach the zipper tabs to the zipper.

photo 3

2. Take the first 2″x 4″ piece of fabric and fold it in half. Iron on the crease.

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Open up the fabric, fold each side into the middle of the crease, and press with an iron. Then take the two folded pieces and fold them into the middle. Repeat for the second piece of 2″x 4″ piece of fabric.

photo 5

3. Pin the fabric tabs to ends of the zipper making sure you do not cover the zipper stoppers.

photo 6

4. Sew the tabs onto the zipper.  I like to sew two lines to make sure the tabs are super secure.

photo 7

Trim the fabric …And voila!

photo 8

5. Now we assemble the pouch. Lay the lining fabric right side up, followed by the zipper right side up, then the outside fabric right side down. Make sure the top edges all line up.

photo 9

{Christen cheat. I like to pin everything on the bottom part of the zipper to hold in in place.}

photo 10

6. Repeat this process with the other side of the zipper. Once everything is sewn together, iron out the top pieces and topstitch next to the zipper.

photo 11

7. Lets sew a pouch!

photo 12

OPEN UP THE ZIPPER a few inches! (!!!!!) If you forget to do this, you will not be able to turn your pouch right side out, so please do not forget this step! Next, move your outer fabric to one side and your lining fabric to the other. Start pinning the fabric together, leaving a several inch gap in the lining for turning purposes. When you get to the zipper, fold the seam so that the outside fabrics match up together on the inside and the lining fabrics are on the outside. Pinch it together this way and pin in place. (I accidentally reversed this, so do the opposite of my picture.) Sew the bag up (leaving that several inch gap in the lining).

8. Clip your corners, being careful not to accidentally clip your thread.

photo 13Reach into your opening in the lining and pull the bag right side out. Take a chopstick and push out all of your corners.

photo 14

Don’t forget to sew up the gap in your lining with your machine or by hand.

9. Admire your amazing work!

photo 16

photo 15

Pretty gorgeous, right? And hopefully not too painful! Lastly, one final tip: IRON! Iron like your life depended on it. I legit didn’t even know we owned an iron because I never use it… but it makes such a difference when you are sewing. Seriously!

So, what did you all think? This is my first ever pattern and I’m pretty proud of myself right now. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone and happy sewing!


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