Lemon Run {November 9, 2014}

10647123_10104447952589239_8990255767691516863_n{Dax was super proud of his new bling.}

My 40 something year old cousin is a childhood cancer survivor and every year he runs the Lemon Run in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand in their fight to eradicate childhood cancer.  Dax and I first ran the event (with a whole big group of my family) last year. It’s a family, child, stroller, dog, (pretty much everything) friendly 5K in Fairmont Park and so much fun. 

Last year, Dax and I just ran the 5K (read: I ran. He sat in his BOB.), but this year we decided to do that, as well as let Dax run the Kids’ Dash. I also got my husband out to run his first ever 5K, which is a super big deal!

10404433_10104447952259899_1973073303681159570_n{Dax holding his squeezy lemon after competing in the Kids’ Dash.}

I am super competitive and really wanted to beat my husband (although I would never tell him that), but it wasn’t mean to be. The dude finished in 30:31 with me thirty seconds behind him. (I started out running exclusively with Dax in the jogging stroller.  These days he hates it because he’s bored and wants to be running, too, so we rarely use it now. I forgot how much HARDER it is to push a child in front of you!)


Both my Garmin and my cousin’s GPS app said the course was 3.19 miles, which I’m pretty sure means my husband came in under 30 minutes (which was his time goal). I would say, I’ll get him next year, but I think Dax might be flying jogging stroller free next year. I am half excited and half terrified.

10447878_10104447952669079_7749134571108556152_n{The family in front of the Please Touch Museum in Fairmont Park.}

According to CBSPhilly.com, the Lemon Run raised around $150,000. It is a great organization doing amazing things for children. You can get involved by doing the annual Lemon Run (in Philly or virtually), hosting a Lemonade Stand, or by donating.


3 thoughts on “Lemon Run {November 9, 2014}

    • Sara, my 11 year old cousin ran the race with his dad… in 25:13. I both look forward to Dax doing this and dread it at the same time. I guess in a few years I’ll have someone pushing me to constantly move faster.

      I can’t wait to hear all about Ash’s first race! He looks speedy already!

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