My Huntress Vest

photo 1Okay. Before we even begin talking about my new homemade Katniss Everdeen Huntress Vest, can we just clear the air by saying that sometimes there isn’t a single filter on the planet that can make you look good in a picture. I think the little heart bokeh adds something magical though, wouldn’t you agree? I spend way too much some time on Pinterest and sewing blogs every day and am always really impressed with the pictures bloggers post showing off their finished projects. Obviously this is a skill I need to work on in the future.

Anywho. I used to crochet A LOT. I had my own Etsy shop and everything. However, there are only so many pairs of baby girl booties you can crochet before you realize if you crochet one more thing you are going to poke your eyes out with your hooks. So I took a looooooooooong crocheting break. A few weeks ago I started to get the itch to hook again and hit up Pinterest to see if anything popped out at me enough to inspire me to start crocheting again. That is when I came across this lovely pattern:



This chunky crochet/knit asymmetrical huntress vest HAD to be mine! I had visions of myself wearing it while frolicking through the woods outside of District 12 with my hot BFF Gale. {#nerdfantasies} Plus, this whole design works for me. I hate to wear coats because I can’t stand feeling constricted. Plusalso, I chase a two year old around all the time. This is light enough to not weigh me down on our outdoor autumn adventures, but still keep me warm. With my mind made up, I happily gave Two of Wands my $5 to own this pattern.

The pattern was a little confusing to read, but I was able to make it work. I already have some changes in mind if I decide to make myself another one. The biggest thing is that I don’t knit, so the triangle sleeve is a lot bulkier on my finished product because I crocheted that piece. But all in all, I’m really happy with my results.

photo 2

photo 3Bad ass heroines wear their vests over leather. Librarians wear their vests over cardigans.


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