Duct Tape Bookmarks

photo 8Every summer, my library holds a six week summer reading program where kids read to earn prizes. One of my Grand Prizes for my teens is a “Create Your Own Library Program” package. The teen picks a theme, the food, and his or her friends, and I buy, plan, and create. This year’s winner asked for a Book Themed party with both a hot chocolate and ice cream bar. Dude! Yes, yes, and yes!

I tossed around a lot of ideas and finally decided to focus on the food, two crafts, and a free book for each of the hostess’ guests. We made Mod Podge notebooks with single subject notebooks and scrapbook paper (I should have snapped some pictures, because they were really cute) and Duct Tape Bookmarks. I’m especially proud of the bookmarks because they were easy, used supplies that I already had at the library, were fun to make, AND make excellent presents for tweens and teens on a budget! (I made sure to tell all 11 of the teens this while they were at the party. Tis the season to craft your gifts, people!)

photo 1


-Duct Tape


-Hole Punch

-Embroidery Floss

-Pony Beads

photo 2

1. Rip off a piece of Duct Tape and lay it down on the table sticky side up. Rip off a second (complimenting color) piece of Duct Tape, and lay it on top of the first piece of tape, sticky sides together.

photo 3

2. Trim up the Duct Tape. Trim the top to make it even and trim up the sides so that all exposed sticky tape is gone. (You don’t want Duct Tape sticking to the pages of your book.)

photo 4

{Two separate bookmarks. The left is the backside facing you. The right is the front side facing you.}

photo 5

3. Punch a small hole at the top of your bookmark with a hole punch. Choose three or four complimenting pieces of embroidery floss for your tassel.

photo 6

4. Attach the embroidery floss with a slip knot.

photo 7

5. Add a few pony beads to the floss and tie into place. Voila!

This is a super easy Duct Tape craft that is both fun and a great introduction to working with Duct Tape. Teens can make more detailed bookmarks (patch pieces together, round the edges, braid the floss, etc.) or keep it quick and simple for a drop in craft program.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick Duct Tape Bookmark tutorial. If you use it, let me know how it goes!



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