Paper Countdown Chain to Christmas

5I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I love looking for new recipes, sewing patterns, craft ideas, etc. Of course, everything I find on Pinterest is beautiful. Beautiful food. Beautiful sewing. Beautiful people. And in the interest of keeping it real, most of the stuff I create is not beautiful. Oh. Em. Gee. My food presentation always looks like a hot mess (tastes good though!), my home looks like a war zone, and for every awesome craft I do, there are several sitting at the bottom of the trash can, waiting to be chucked in a fit of rage.

Now that my son is two and a half (and is starting to understand presents and Santa and Christmas), I really wanted to embrace the holidays and find ways to get him super excited! I looked on Pinterest for countdown ideas, and most were just too fancy for us. I wanted something that I could create with my son. Something that was uniquely us. That is why I decided to kick it old school and have him help me make a paper countdown chain. Will this craft be wowing the multitudes of crafty moms out there? Nope. But it was really easy to do, fun to make, and will bring us joy for the next 26 days of chain ripping!


-Construction paper (cut into 3″ strips)




I’m sure most of you know how to make a paper countdown chain. You just decorate your strips of paper and then start looping them onto each other, securing each loop with tape. I thought it would be fun to decorate our loops with stickers. Of course I bought cheapie stickers that wouldn’t stick, so I had to tape each sticker down.

3My little dude, ruining the markers decorating with markers.

1Even my husband decided to get in on this action!

4Someone is such a showoff!!!


Looking good, paper chain. Looking good.

5I made the star in Microsoft Word. My star drawing and cutting skills are pretty pathetic.

6FINALLY time for the fun part! Dax gets to rip off the first loop of his paper countdown chain.


27 is gone. 26 more days til Christmas!  YAYAYAYAYAY! Thanks Dax. 🙂

So that’s it. A simple, fun, toddler friendly craft that will bring happiness for 26 more mornings… unless said toddler decides to rip it all down one day. Or if our cat gets to it. But I’m feeling positive.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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