Trying Not to Eat All the Things and #RWRunStreak

Confession: I have a seriously hard time focusing on my nutrition AND my fitness. I think it’s because I’ve always been of the mindset that if I work out hard, I should be able to eat any food I want. While this might have worked before I had my son, weight no longer falls off of me like it did in my 20s. (Those good ol’ days when I could Weight Watchers myself Monday through Friday, eat and drink EVERYTHING Saturday and Sunday, and still lose 2 pounds a week consistently.)

Running has become much more important to me over the last year. I started because it was an easy way to exercise with my son (Yay for the BOB!), but as I’ve increased my distances and numbers of weekly workouts, I have found a confidence and strength I never knew I possessed. Running so many races this past Fall really helped to show me what kind of events I want to do in 2015, including a full marathon. (Did I just type that out?!) With that ultimate goal in mind, I sat down and examined the food I’m eating and the workouts I’m currently doing then came up with a plan for 2015.


Ultimately, I need to lose weight. This is partly for vanity reasons, but I did pack on about 20 extra pounds in August and September (thank goodness I’m tall) and I can feel it in my knees and back when I run. Normally I would wait until after the holidays, but I decided I wanted to refocus on nutrition now, so I don’t go crazy with the cookies this holiday season. At this point, I am eating 80% clean. I do not count calories, but I do journal everything I eat. I’m going to try to avoid eating out during my lunch breaks and no take out for dinner during the week. It’s going well. I find I’m never totally full when I eat clean, but I’m also never gross and bloated. I’m only on Day 4, so it’s still on plan. It will get harder on the weekends with Christmas fast approaching and all of the holiday things we have planned. After the New Year, I plan to take a look at my weight vs. eating and decide if I’m fine to keep doing what I’m doing or if I need to step it up a notch.

Fitness goals…. Here we go. Right now, I’m strength training three times a week and doing HIIT cardio twice a week. I also started the #RWRunStreak, so I am running at least one mile once a day. I want to keep making strength training a priority. I like the way I feel when I lift and it’s important to me that I keep making it fit into my schedule. My first half marathon of 2015 is the Unite Half Marathon on April 12 and my training for that will start mid January. (I’ll be following AMR’s Own It Half Marathon plan– OMG!) I plan to start incorporating Bikram yoga back into my fitness routine during this training cycle. I’m also hoping to get back to Zumba (if not every week, twice a month).  After that half in April, I will start to plan my full marathon training routine.

Right now the biggest thing for me is trying to maintain a balance between my workouts, the things I eat, and also my home life. My husband is really supportive of my running, but I do need to remember that running is not my full world. Ha! We’ll see how it goes.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the #RWRunStreak. I took part in the streak last year and it made a HUGE difference in my speed and endurance. I ended up running 86 miles last year and am hoping to run even more this streak!

PicMonkey CollageIf you’re on Instagram, you can check out my streak at #ChristenStreaks2014. Also, if you’re doing the #RWRunStreak, tell me about it.

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