50 Books in 2015 {Reading Challenge}

I love to read! Heck, that’s why I became a librarian. I always have a book on me (although these days, it’s probably an ebook on my Kindle app) and look forward to the times I can pull it out and read. I used to devour books, but unfortunately, it’s not as easy to get sucked into a good story these days. {I blame the child.} I was recently doing some shelf reading (making sure my Young Adult books are on the shelves in the right order) and I realized that there are A LOT of books that I’ve been meaning to read and haven’t gotten to start yet. 

Back in 2007 I did a 50 Books Challenge where I committed to read fifty books over the course of the year. I thought it might be time to bring that challenge back, especially since knowing good books is a big part of my job. I decided that I wanted to share this on the blog and possibly have a weekly book discussion to hear what everyone has been reading, so I started googling the interwebz for a cool graphic. That was when I found this AMAZING list from Popsugar:I don’t normally like to confine myself to a reading list, but when I saw these suggestions I knew that I was going to make this happen! I already have ideas for several of the suggestions and can’t wait to start in a few weeks.  If you like to read, I hope you’ll join me. I love hearing about new books and what you like (and hate) to read.

I’ll be posting more on the 50 Book Challenge soon. Until then, have a great weekend…


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