2014 Racing Wrap Up

1I can sum up my 2014 running year in one word: Wow!

When I decided I wanted to try running again in 2013, I never EVER thought I would be doing the kind of racing that I do now. It was once a big deal for me to run a 5K without stopping and now, I know I could go out right this second and run 10 miles no problem. I have never been as proud of my body as I am these days. I am stronger, faster, and so very proud of myself and all I have accomplished this year. Now, I would love to share with you some of my highlights from 2014. 

2I am a bling chaser. If there is a medal, I am there and ready to run. 🙂 I started off my year with a couple of virtual runs because I wanted the hardware. This includes the MRTT Virtual 10K and Doctor Who Virtual 5K I did in January. There are also TWO half marathon medals in that line: The Love Run and The ODDyssey. I still can’t believe I ran two Halfs this year. {Ha! I also can’t believe I’m running my next one in less than 5 months.} The race I’m most proud of is The Warrior Dash. That was the only race that really scared me because obstacles are so out of my comfort zone. I had a friend stay with me and keep me moving the whole time and I conquered something I never thought I would be able to do! I Beat the Blerch in a virtual 10K and ran my first progressive run (I got to pick the course distance- I ran the 15K) for the Philadelphia OUCH! Race. The Perfect 10 Miler was my first race as part of a team. I met some incredible women that I am looking forward to running with in 2015. Also, I ran a Marathon Relay with three other moms at the Baltimore Running Festival! I now want to run all the relays!

Not all of my 2014 running highlights came with a medal. I had my fastest 5K to date in July while going out for a training run:

My brother ran the Chili Run Two Miler with me! Afterwards, we ate and drank. Life is good:

Dax and I “ran” the Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K together. (He was in the BOB.) After the 5K, he and I ran the Kids 100 meter dash hand in hand. He loves bling, too:

Run or Dye with my cousin, JJ, his fiancee, Michelle, and my friend, Shana! I love when I run with my peeps:

I KILLED my time from the previous year’s Berlin Parade 5K (I was 7 minutes faster this year):

I ran with some of my favorite mom friends (and we looked damn good doing it):

I walked a watery balance beam high up in the air:

I ran over my favorite bridge {The Ben Franklin} and beat my previous 10K time by over a minute:

And of course, the very best part… this dude started running again, too:


I can’t express how excited I am to see what I do in 2015! I’m currently working on my race calendar, finding all of the races I want to tackle. I’m also still working on which marathon I want to run. Squeeee! It’s going to be a great year.

Before you go, I want to give a shout out to my two year old son, Dax. He gets stuck in the BOB more than he would like, but now gets to come out for Kids dashes on occasion. I’m not 100% sure if he loves running yet, but I’m glad he wants to get out and go. I really hope one day he will be out on the road, running all of the races by my side.


I would love to read your 2014 race wrap ups! Please share your links in the comments section. Happy Saturday…


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    • Thank you Sara! Honestly, you are one of my biggest supporters and motivators. I don’t know if I would be half the runner I am without your continued support, advice, and willingness to listen. Thank you!

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