Another Successful #RWRunStreak

streak-page-headerI mentioned in December that I was, once again, taking part in the #RWRunStreak.  I committed to run at least one mile once a day for 36 days (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day). I am happy to report that I did it, running a total of 62 miles in the process.  Most of my runs were at night, after my son went to bed, and I would spend that short time reflecting on why the heck I decided to do this…again.  One mile doesn’t sound like a major commitment, but it can be during the holiday season. Plus, it’s not just going for a run.  I needed to dress for the cold (so many layers), take a shower, unwind. It was a process.  I got home at 5:20 on New Year’s Eve, was out the door by 5:45 to run, back in by 6:00, showered and dressed by 6:40, and then out the door for my 7:00 dinner reservation. Craziness. But I choose to do the #RWRunStreak because I KNOW it will keep me moving during a time of year that makes me not want to do any exercise at all.  Completing those 36 days wasn’t easy, but I’m damn glad I did it!

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RWRunStreak 3Now that the streak is over, I’m just taking it easy for a few days. Half Marathon training begins on January 11, and I want well rested legs before this craziness begins.  Truthfully though, I can’t wait to start.  I keep staring at my training calender, planning all of my runs, picking some races to do during my long runs.  I’m feeling very positive about this upcoming training cycle.  It should be great!

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