Friday Randoms

I have a three day weekend ahead of me, which would be a lot more exciting if I didn’t have to run a teen anime program tonight at 6:00 pm and it wasn’t going to snow (trapping me in the house with a toddler) this Saturday and/or Sunday.  But hey!  It is Friday and that’s always cause for a little celebration.

c184b78b7ef8e3320d88c6df1ae3d918Here’s a little bit of randomness that happened over the previous 7 days… 

IMG_0282If the NYC Marathon doesn’t work out for me, I’m running Steamtown Marathon instead.  That elevation chart makes me absolutely giddy!  #IDontDoHills

IMG_0303 IMG_0323Speaking of things I don’t do…. cold weather.  I hate you winter!

IMG_0307There was A LOT of sewing this past weekend!  I made an awesome leather bottom tote Saturday morning and two really cute library book bags (while watching some Guardians) Saturday night.  I’ll do a post on those bags soon.

IMG_0326 (1)I painted with Dax on Sunday.  Truthfully, I don’t think I’m too shabby.

IMG_0345Turns out Dax really loves passion fruit iced tea.  Only problem?  I bought it for me.  {“You share with me mommy.”}

IMG_0333STOP GROWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0348I miss you, too, Yogurtland.  We will be together again soon though.  I promise.

IMG_0355Sometimes it’s really nice to see much you’ve changed in three years time.

IMG_0369No lie.  I am the Queen of Paper Plate Crafts this year!

IMG_0393I won my first of two DietBets.  8 pounds shed in 28 days.  I did this to help motivate me to drop the holiday weight before my half marathon training really kicked up in intensity.  At least the weight is gone…. {And I did not name this DietBet.  I just joined it.}

Screenshot 2015-01-23 at 8.25.39 AMDave and I have only been married for 16 months.  Maybe it’s time to start thinking about hanging up some pictures from the wedding?  Confession:  I feel silly having a ginormous picture of my face on the wall.

I hope you all have fantabulous weekend!  Any good plans?  What do you do so you don’t lose your mind on snow days when you’re trapped inside?


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