Snowy Day Activities with a Toddler

New Jersey was supposed to see THE STORM OF THE CENTURY yesterday.  Of course, it didn’t happen.  That’s fine though.  I still scored a Snow Day from work and was able to celebrate my birthday with my family.  {Happy 33rd to meeeee!} 

We woke up Tuesday morning to several inches of snow {not the 18″ that was predicted}.  Dax is *finally* old enough to realize that playing in the snow is AMAZING and couldn’t wait to get outside.  Being a toddler, I had to put him in every article of clothing he owns because I knew he would get cold fast and still NOT want to come back in the house.

 {Some days I cannot get a non blurry picture of him.  He moves so fast.  But I love what a big boy he looks like here.}

Here are three things that we love to do with snow:

1. We paint! {Outdoors Edition}

If I had really planned, I would have bought some good containers for spraying water.  Since I tend to do things last minute, I grabbed random bottles from around our house.  The bottle from my fuel belt worked best. 🙂

I just mixed water with food coloring and let Dax attack the snow.  He was really proud of his work.   

2. We paint! {Indoors Edition}

Dax and I played outside for about 30 minutes before the tears started.  He cried because he was cold and he cried because I told him we had to go inside {so he would no longer be cold}.  In an attempt to compromise, I brought snow into our house… and then let Dax paint all over it.

3. Make snow ice cream!

A little milk and sugar.  Lots of snow.  A squirt or four of strawberry syrup.  And whisk! Dax make some for himself and then he made some for me.  {Spoiler alert: It tasted like New Jersey.  Bleh!}

And this is how I entertain a two year old on a snow day!

What are your go to snowy activities?  Does anyone else feel like they spend more time getting their child ready to go outside than they spend playing outside with said child?

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