Friday Randoms

What a crazy week.  I have to work this weekend, so I had to take two days off during the week.  I was off Monday for Saturday, Tuesday for snow, and Thursday for Sunday.  It actually feels weird being at work today.  Plus, I had to start prepping for tomorrow’s lock in, After Hours, and start some random projects that will be happening before I know it.  But before I start to get overwhelmed by all that craziness, let’s first talk about my Friday Randoms… 

I had my first teen anime club program in years (maybe three?) this past Friday and it was awesome.  I met the most amazing group of teenagers, who were enthusiastic, friendly, and full of conversation.  We also made candy sushi.  Nom!IMG_0410

We will be sharing our Fandom love this Valentine season.  I’m hoping I’ll have teens post some awesome things.IMG_0411

I never play games on my phone, but Dax asked me to download this and now I am addicted!!!  (I took this screenshot on Saturday.  I’m now on level 104.)IMG_0425


I tried out my Racedots this past Sunday.  They are incredible!  You all should buy them.IMG_0430IMG_0431

Dax loves his Uncle Pooh…IMG_0448

And I love IKEA meatballs…

Dax loves the snow!

Some of my racing medals serve a dual purpose.IMG_0489

Take selfies?  Eat cake?  Don’t mind if I do.IMG_0491

Birthday presents!  Dax wants both my Running Company gift certificate (it’s green) and my new colored pencils.  He told me, “You share with me, mommy.”  No way, dude!IMG_0501

33 years old.  It’s not so bad.  I got a Pluto balloon dog. 🙂IMG_0547

Met with the sports medicine doctor Wednesday.  He told me 6 weeks of PT and then I should be good to go with my running again.IMG_0557 (1)

My baby is longer than my legs now.  Please stop growing, baby!IMG_0567 (1)

Well.  That about does it for me this week.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Any good plans?  I’ll be at the library hanging with teens.  🙂 Oh yeah!  Enjoy the Super Bowl is you’re into that sort of thing.

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