Trying to do PT with a Toddler

I’ve been pretty sucky with my posting the last couple of weeks, which is crazy because I have so much to post about.  I’m going to try to play catch up over the next several days and thought it was important to start with me starting PT. As I have mentioned before, I got injured on the first day of my half marathon training cycle.  I decided to see a sports medicine doctor and was diagnosed with Patellofemoral Syndrome and IT Band Syndrome. FINALLY, last Wednesday, I met with a physical therapist so I can get these knees back in tip top shape. IMG_0681My initial meeting with Gina, my new physical therapist, confirms that I have a weak ass.  Seriously, I have no strength in my glutes, which is causing my knees to do bad things.  (Mostly go inwards.)  Gina sent me home with an at home workout sheet to do every day.   FullSizeRender (5)These 8 exercises/stretches are by no means “hard” to look at it, but they do provide a challenge for me.  I guess that just shows how not strong my legs/butt are.  Depressing.

Speaking of “challenge”.  You know what’s a challenge?  Trying to do PT at home with a two year old… IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0702The struggle.  At least he enjoys foam rolling.   IMG_0709

I did my at home exercises every day for 5 days before coming in for my first real PT session today.  Define said PT session in one word: Humbling.  This session was no joke and I left with my legs feeling like jelly.  6 1/2 hours later and I am still more sore than I have been in years.  At one point Gina told me, “everyone thinks they can run half marathons.  Everyone thinks they can run marathons.  But no one learns the fundamentals anymore.”  I kind of wanted to smack her… but it’s true.  I’ve been squatting wrong for years.  I’ve been doing leg presses wrong for years.  My freaking knees turn in when they should have been turning out and I had NO IDEA.  So frustrating!  But I am happy that I’m finally learning.  I’m hoping this next four weeks makes me stronger and helps build a better foundation for everything I want to do with my running in the future.  In the meantime, I could really use some Advil.

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  1. I’m SO glad you are in PT now. I can’t say enough about PT and my trainer, I know without a doubt I would not be able to run without him! I have a weak butt too, I don’t activate my glutes when I run at all…I’m still working on that!

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