2015 Reading Challenge {Week Six}

Hi everyone!  I’m sorry I’m a day late posting my weekly reading wrap up, but I have been ridiculously busy the last week or so.  Even with everything that has been going on, I’m still finding plenty of time to read because I have some AWESOME books in my queue.  I mentioned last week that I started Anne Bishop’s Heir to the Shadows, and although I was enjoying it, I had to put it aside to start Kresley Cole’s Dead of Winter.  Dead of Winter is book three of the Arcana Chronicles, which is my second favorite YA series at the moment.  Look at this fangirl face!!!!  Hahahaha! 

I breezed through Dead of Winter in three days {seriously could have done it in one if I didn’t have a toddler in my home} and I liked it… a lot… I just wish more happened.  These books are too short.  Wah wah wahhhh!  I’m also really torn by this love triangle, because, I swear, all YA books have to have a love triangle and I would rather have more action and less pining.  Just my two cents though. 🙂

If you think you would love Hunger Games meets the characters from the tarot meets super steamy romance, then do yourself a favor and pick up Poison Princess STAT!  {Confession: I never heard of this series until a patron came into the library to complain that book two was too sexy for teens.  Hearing that, I totes had to pick it up and read it!}

Also, look what ended up in my Audible queue last week!  YAY for Marissa Meyer’s Fairest.  The audiobook was only 5 hours (the last hour was the first three chapters of Winter- how am I going to wait 10 more months for this book?!?!) and I managed to finish it in a day.  It was really great and awful hearing how Levana became the evil queen that she now is in the rest of the Lunar Chronicles series.

Cinder (book one of the Lunar Chronicles) was one of those books that I didn’t really want to read, but I knew I should read as a teen librarian.  I ended up listening to the audiobook, and after halfheartedly listening for the first few hours, got extremely hooked.  Scarlet was even better than Cinder, and Cress just blew me away with it’s awesomeness.  {I’m Team Captain Thorne}  I would highly recommend this series on audio because the narrator is just fabulous.  Seriously, if you start Cinder, give it a chance because it is really worth it!

That about wraps up my reading for this week.  What have you been reading??


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