The Chili Run: January 25, 2015 {Race Recap}


I decided in December that I was going to start recapping my races for 2015.  I ran some great events last year in the Philly/South Jersey area and I wanted to share my future events with all of you.  I also want to do a better job of recording my race memories, times, and experiences.  I love to run and I think racing is the best thing ever.  It’s important to me to do a better job of recording those memories.  

Of course, then I got hurt, and didn’t want to think about running at all, so I never bothered to recap my first race of 2015, The Chili Run.  Well, no more self pity, I say.  My knee is slowly getting better and I know I will be racing again before long.  Therefore, it’s time to recap The Chili Run.

My brother and I ran the inaugural Chili Run in 2014.  My brother is not a runner, so I’m still surprised he raced with me.  Maybe it was the course distance {2 miles}.  Maybe it was the free chili and beer at the finish line.  Or maybe it was because the race fell the day before my birthday.  Whatever the reason, my brother signed up, bought running clothes, and ran a race with me.

This year, he texted me to tell me when registration opened and to let me know he had already signed up.  Turns out this dude really love his chili. 🙂 I got hurt about two weeks before this race and wasn’t sure if I could run it, but I knew we wanted the chili, and worse case scenario, we could walk.

1013622_10104761585261849_7662238663118974984_nMy brother drove to my house early Sunday morning, so he and I could carpool down to Carolina Blue in Pitman, NJ.  Gotta love a race that starts and ends at a bar.  Before we left my place, I KT Taped the bejeezus out of my knee and made sure to dress extra warm.  I decided that I wanted to try to run, but we would stop if needed.

The course is super easy.  You run a mile, turn around, and run another mile.  It’s mildly flat and on a closed road.  This is also the only course I run without headphones.  My brother and I can actually run and talk {and laugh} our way through this race.  That’s a really big deal for me since I normally rock out with my music.

Before we started the race, I joked that my only goal was to get a running picture.  Last year, there were zero pictures of me and my brother and I wanted to rectify that this year.  Luckily, I’m great at acting like a fool and got the photographer’s attention: 2This is my “LOOK AT ME” pose!  And then there’s my brother… He’s a lot more chill than me: 1Even with the bad knee, we ran the entire race.  I felt great during, a little sore after, and not my best later that night.  But it was fun! 10847952_10104761585501369_9204547411951038968_nNot as great as last year’s time, but I’ll take a 18:30.5 with this knee.

Then it’s time for the best part:

Chili…10382727_10104761585765839_3070929009664730790_nand beer…  1555286_10104761585855659_3073927271819933721_n

There’s nothing quite as awesome as great company, excellent yummies, and endorphins.  I love the Chili Run and I double love that I get to do it with my little brother.  Thank you Good Day for a Run for another awesome event!  We can’t wait for next year!

OH!  Before you go, check out my RaceDots10940555_10104761585157059_7856199879045347728_nThese bad boys are INCREDIBLE and held my bib on with no problems.  I got sick of safety pins destroying my expensive work out clothes and asked my husband for a pack for Christmas.  I cannot tell you enough how much I love them!

2 thoughts on “The Chili Run: January 25, 2015 {Race Recap}

  1. I love that your brother races with you, that is so awesome!! And that picture of you is amazing, I have NO good race pics, I always miss the camera guys and looks so angry! HAHA! I still need to get race dots, like…seriously–I hate putting holes in my expensive running shirts, then I see these tiny holes staring back at me after the race and it annoys me to no end!

    • Well, we won’t race again til next year, but I’m looking forward to it!

      I usually look like a fool in my race pics. I guess I still kind of look like a fool in this one. 🙂

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