Friday Five Link Up: A Day in the Life of Me


I had so much fun with last Friday’s Friday Five Link Up, run by Courtney, Mar,and Cynthia, that I’m doing it again.  Today’s Friday Five is “A Day in the Life: aka 5 Things About My Day”, so I will be sharing five things about a typical day in my life. 

1. Mornings

10942424_10104764383040079_6320167385381791713_nI am NOT a morning person.  At all.  My son usually wakes me up at 7:00 am, tells me that we have to “GO TO THE OTHER ROOM”, and then we begin to snuggle on the couch for about an hour. He watches Curious George and eats “yummies”.  I drink my coffee, check my Timehop, Instagram, and Facebook.  Four days a week I have to be at work by 10:00, so I like to be in the shower by 8 and in my car by 9:40.  Dax goes somewhere different every day, but no matter where he goes or who he’s with, I’m usually late.

2. Work 10422197_10104853105888779_5300178647238627799_nI love what I do.  It’s not a job, it’s a passion.  I’m a teen librarian in a public library, working mostly with tweens and teens in grades 6-12.  I also run a biweekly, all ages, drop in story time on Tuesdays, hold monthly movie nights for families, and help with an assortment of other random BIG programs.  You can usually find me acting goofy in the morning, trying to make our library’s Facebook page more awesome, or planning for Summer Reading. {You plan Summer Reading all year long. True story.}

3. Lunch 10858000_10104561758206869_4930386367102577109_n

I am a lunch time worker outter.  I take a 15 minute break around 11:30 to eat, hit the gym from 1-2, and take another 15 minute break to eat around 4:00.  I usually lift, but will sometimes run.  {Lots less running these days. Sigh.}

4. Work Part II 1146509_10152750168026211_2504751791261399531_n

Teens start invading the library’s Teen Space around 3:00 every day.  Some days are awesome.  Some are ridiculously stressful.  I do offer a wide range of programming though and we try to always have fun.  The above picture is from our Dystopian Lock In back in October.  I also teach sewing, hold a weekly Gaming Club, run our Teen Volunteer program, offer different arts and crafts events, and always try to have some self directed program going on.  {I like to have my teens fill out surveys and questionnaires for candy.}

5. Home 14066_10104892831099139_6406980405359827294_nI’m usually home from work by 6:30 pm.  Most nights I make dinner.  Some nights we order out.  If I’m not too tired, we’ll go out for dinner as a family.  I *try* to have Dax in his PJs by 8:00pm and then we read stories in my bed and snuggle.  He’s in his own bed by 8:30, usually asleep by 8:45, and then the real fun begins.  When I say “fun” I actually mean I play Panda Pop for about 30 minutes, then watch something on tv with Dave or read on the couch while he watches a conspiracy show. 🙂  I tend to pass out every night between 10:00-11:00.

This is my typical day.  However, I work 1-9 every Thursday, work occasional 1-9s as needed, and always work the last Saturday of the month.  When I work a Saturday I have a day off during the week to have adventures with Daxy.  I’m not really a fan of routine and love the craziness that is my work schedule.  I love random days off during the week and super fun library programs in the evening.  It’s a nice balance to the daily morning/night schedule I keep.

Do you love routine or do you crave daily chaos?  Are you a lunch time worker outter, too?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I love your schedule, it looks like it allows you a ton of flexibility. As much as I would love that, I absolutely could not live that, I need the structure of my 7:30-3:30 M-F schedule. I am SOO bad with anything that veers from my routine. I need to get better about that!

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