Friday Five Link Up: Spring

Friday FiveFridays are now one of my favorite blogging days thanks to the Friday Five Link Up, run by CourtneyMar, and Cynthia.  The Friday Five gives me a chance to talk about some themed randomness, as well as read other bloggers’ posts that I wouldn’t normally get to see {thanks to the link up}.  Although today was cold and snowy, it is technically the first day of Spring, and today’s Friday Five is Five things I’m looking forward to this Spring. Are you ready? I sure am! 

1. Ice Cream1424322_10104263296222079_6049025534869001221_nI think Dax sums up our love of ice cream best. We love our local soft serve establishment, Mr. Softee trucks, Rita’s Water Ice, and Kohr’s Brothers on the Jersey shore boardwalk.  Soon little dude!  So so soon…

2. Running ALL the Races 10559863_10104068011129969_3891290185643459681_nSpring running is the best running!  It’s not too hot.  It’s not too cold.  The world is coming back to life and you are outside surrounded by beauty.  There’s also the Spring racing season.  5Ks, halfs, mud runs, color runs… SO many races. So few hours in the weekend.

3. Going Down the Shore 10448824_10103993269183429_5672666289318677285_nSouth Jersey peeps don’t go to the beach.  We go down the shore.  Although I am terrified of fish {true story}, I love the ocean and the beach.  It brings me to a happy place.  Although it is still way too cold for a bathing suit, it’s about that time for digging in the sand, playing a round of mini golf on the boardwalk, and possibly checking out Gillian’s Pier for rides.

4. The Collingswood Farmers’ Market 10484617_10103970758669679_2815202012092285460_nThe Collingswood Farmers’ Market has been around now for 15 years, but we just started venturing out two years ago.  I have no idea why we waited so long because it’s awesome.  I usually have a general idea of what I want to buy before we get there and then Dax informs us of what he wants as we walk around.  He is a BIG fan of the “little tomatoes” and will sometimes score a little extra for free from certain vendors.  {He has to taste everything we buy first, too.}

5. The Beer Hunt {aka Easter}
10153899_10103734774583679_5418242773794968638_nMy parents have been doing an Easter egg hunt for me and my brother for as long as I can remember.  The hunt has changed quite a bit over the years and finally morphed into The Beer Hunt when I turned 23.  Needless to say, my brother and I have asked my parents to NEVER change the hunt ever again. 🙂  I have pictures, videos, and a decade of incredible memories of us running around my parents’ backyard like fools trying to collect bottles of beer.  I love it!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Friday Five.  What are YOUR favorite things about Springs?  Have a great weekend!

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