2015 Reading Challenge {Week Twelve}

***I just realized I never hit “Publish” last Thursday!***

Oh my goodness!  I know I’m two days late for the weekly book wrap up, but I finally (FINALLY!!!!!) finished Terry Hayes’ I Am Pilgrim.  I told myself I could not write about *just* that book for another week, so I sat down earlier today and committed to get it done.  1484518_10104901665669589_6957816998548989369_nFirst of all, I loved it!  You can tell the author really did his research and knew his stuff.  The main character was fascinating, his adventures were INCREDIBLE, and the book was hard to put down {once I got into the meat of it}.  I Am Pilgrim was a different kind of thriller.  It was done in first person with all of the side stories being retold from the main character’s research, interviews, et cetera.  I liked the ending and was left with closure…. but maybe there could be a sequel?  I guess we will have to wait and see. 

I needed something fast and fun after my three week epic battle with I Am Pilgrim.  That’s why I picked up my copy of Matthew Inman’s (aka The Oatmeal) graphic novel, The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances.  {I have the matching shirt!}


I have really enjoyed The Oatmeal for the last several years, but fell in love when I read snippets of The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances last year.  The teasers I read called to me.  So much so that I ran a Beat the Blerch Virtual 10K this past September.  However, I finally picked up the book today and sat down to enjoy it from cover to cover.  It was truly worth the wait.  If you love running…  If you love the idea of running…  If you’re committed to a runner and have no idea what the appeal is of going outside and hurting yourself day in and day out for long periods of time… Do yourself a BIG favor and pick up this book.  You’re welcome.

March Madness 2015 Final 4Lastly, did you vote in the Camden County Library’s 2015 Fiction March Madness Final 4?  You have one more day!  Do it!!!  Vote here.

Let me know in the comments section what you’ve been reading!

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