Interactive Displays: First Line


I had several people send me this picture of an incredible interactive teen book display and I fell in love.  I knew last week that I was going to have to recreate it for my teen space and set out today to make it happen. I’m pretty happy with the results: 
IMG_2344Here are a few close ups of the display: IMG_2345



I also pulled copies of these books off the shelf and put them on our display piece for easy checkout:


IMG_2349I probably spent three hours working on this from start to finish and now I anxiously wait for teens to come in and check out my craftiness. 🙂

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Interactive Displays: First Line

    • Diane, I left it up for about a month and most of the books were checked out. It was fun watching people read the lines and then find the book.

      If I was being more proactive, I might have swapped out the lines as each book was checked out.

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