Lock Ins, Lip Sync Battles, & Other Forms of Awesomeness

Lip Sync

I posted last December about my awesome After Hours lock in events that I have been holding at the library for tweens and teens and thought it was time for an update. 

After Hours has become a BIG DEAL! I limit the program to 15 teenagers, and in March the program filled in 6 days. In April it filled in 5 days. In May {our last for the school year} it filled on the very first day! The group dynamic also changed. I went from mostly 6th graders to almost all 8th-10th graders. It’s still chaos, but a different kind of chaos.  I love it!  I think part of the popularity of After Hours is due to me always having something crazy and new to try out with the group. We held 8 lock ins in 9 months and we had obstacle courses, minute to win it games, hide and seek in the dark {a group favorite}, capture the flag {a librarian’s nightmare}, a water balloon fight, musical chairs of death {hahahahaha!}, and a lip sync battle.  Let’s take a look at some of the awesomeness:

Spring 2015 1577Musical Chairs of Death {I found this via North Hollywood Library’s Instagram account} was one of my all time favorite games. It’s just musical chairs, but if you get out, you have to roll the die, and take a chance.

Roll a…
1: 5 push ups
2: Ride a pony around the library
3: Serenade the group with a song
4: Show us a trick or talent
5: Give someone a piggy back ride
6. I can’t remember, but I’m sure it was something embarrassing

11169827_10153170519766211_925591141533652322_nCapture the Flag was just horrible. Not for the teens.  They had a blast. And truthfully, I had a great time setting up the library, but the craziness. It was a lot of chaos. And jumping on bookshelves. And my boss was there. It was a mistake. However, I’m hoping we can revamp it for next year and it won’t be so out of control.

Spring 2015 1578 (1)Hide and Seek in the Dark *might* be the teens’ favorite lock in activity.  We set them loose on the second floor in Reference. {HAAAAA!} They have to stay in a designated area {they do}, and one person seeks while everyone else hides. It ends up getting to be a little crazy, but it sure is fun to play.

10689553_10105195391735199_625234482068278020_nI love my job! Like a lot. IMG_3365

IMG_3372This was a good amount of water balloons. The craziness lasted at least 5 minutes {which is great!}. I would do this earlier in the night so teens have time to dry before mom and/or dad pick them up. Also, ask the group to pick up the balloon pieces. They will.

Did I already say I love my job?

Lastly, the culmination of my hard work ended in a Lip Sync Battle! I had 10 out of 15 teens get up in front of the group to battle it out and it was incredible. I seriously had a case of the feels because these kids had bonded with each other so much that they now felt comfortable getting up in front of each other and lip syncing. It was a big deal! I have a playlist of clips on our YouTube channel. You should check them out.

And lastly, because I’m a big kid, here’s my performance from the Lip Sync Battle:

{I told my teens that: a. I would never ask them to do something that I, myself, would not do, and b. I picked a song from my teenage years. Ha!}

I really do love my job!

Thanks for stopping. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want to talk about some ideas for your upcoming after hours event.

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