Summer Crafternoons

July is over! I wish I could say that the craziness at the library stops {it doesn’t!}, but it is one month closer to the kids going back to school. Also, I do the bulk of my Summer programming in July so, in theory, my days will be less chaotic. {We’ll see.} 

While there is a break in the crazy, I want to show you what we made during our Wednesday Crafternoon sessions this summer.

1. No Sew Duct Tape and Fabric PouchesIMG_4277 {instructions here}

2. DIY Instagram Magnets
{instructions here}

3. Sharpie Bowls IMG_4533{Same idea as the tile coasters. Color, bake, enjoy!}

4. Canvas Painting  {I bought canvas from AC Moore and let the teens paint. I provided stickers and stencils, too, for those who needed some painting assistance.}

5. Perler Beads {I provided the beads and boards. I also found patterns online that I printed out, but encouraged the teens to find their own patterns, too. After they made their designs, we ironed them and hot glued magnets to the back.}

And that’s it! Five weeks of Crafternoons that went really well! I think the bowls were everyone’s favorite, but I’m a sucker for the tile magnets, and Perler beads are my newest obsession. Thanks for stopping by!

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