What I Ate Wednesday {Part 2}

Hey everyone! My first What I Ate Wednesday post got so much love that I thought I would do it again. I’m now 8 weeks into counting macros (IIFYM) and I can’t stress enough how much I love it. I didn’t count last week when I was on vacation, and while it was great to not have to think about my food, I totally over ate and felt so gross and blahhhhhh. It’s been lovely getting back on track this week.

I’m still on a cut {eating at a deficient) so my macros break down like this: 196C/148P/65F for 1,961 calories. In order to hit those macros today, I ate the following:

Breakfast IMG_5373Every morning I drink a cup of coffee with 3T sugar free vanilla creamer. I had been eating the same breakfast for weeks though, and finally decided it was time for something new, so I made Macro Friendly Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches from Malzisfit.com. The only changes that I made to the recipe is that I added an egg to the egg whites for some extra protein and a 1/2T of organic ketchup before I eat the sandwich. They’re pretty tasty and so easy to heat up in the morning.
Breakdown: 34C/26P/14F  

Snack 1 IMG_5404I recently discovered the Chobani Simply 100 line and I love it. The carbs are more friendly for my macros and I enjoy all of the flavors. It’s a fun snack with some great protein.
Breakdown: 16C/12P/0F 

Lunch IMG_5407I brought back a past favorite for this week’s lunch, Skinny Mom’s Pineapple Chicken Salad Wraps. Nom nom nom! This recipe makes five servings and it will be my lunch every day this week. Now for some recipe changes. The most obvious one is that this recipe is for a wrap and I’m eating my food on a Sandwich Thins. This is because I can’t find Flatouts anywhere. I need to check online. I also left out the mandarin oranges, green onions, sesame seeds, and the lettuce. The lettuce because I keep forgetting I bought it so I don’t remember to pack it. Whoops.

I also have extra fats this week {probably because this week’s breakfast is lower in fat than my previous breakfast} so I’m enjoying Blue Almond Lightly Salted 100 Calorie Almonds! I love almonds so this makes me happy. You can buy the bigger container, but I find it’s easier to grab the preportioned pack in the morning. Plus, then I’m not tempted to take more.
Breakdown: Breakdown: 39C/37P/17F 

Snack 2 IMG_5408I drink a GNC Lean Shake every day. I don’t know what I would do if they were no longer made. Great protein, very little carbs and fat, excellent taste. I also think it’s worth the extra money to have a premade and cold shake. Check them out!
Breakdown: 6C/25P/6F

Dinner IMG_5411This is one of my newer recipes. It’s the Southwestern Chicken Skillet Dinner from STLCooks.com and both my husband and I really like it! It’s very easy to cook up and it doesn’t taste like something you would consider “healthy”. Although, that being said, this would be banging all fatted up with sour cream and guacamole. Maybe one day when I get to my maintenance macros…

Anywho, here are my recipe changes. The big change is that I ran out of red peppers so I had to use frozen peppers that I had in the freezer. Not quite as flavorful, but it worked in a pinch. Also, I don’t use anywhere near as much cilantro as the recipes says. I add one cup of Sargento Reduced Fat Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese into the skillet because I like cheese and I like the way it helps everything stick together. And finally, I use two corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. That’s just my preference.
Breakdown: 31C/43P/10F

Snack 3 IMG_5417And sometimes Chipwiches fit into your macros! YAYAYAYAYAY! I took my son out for a Wawa run {he wanted an Icee} and I decided that I needed this beauty in my life. Soooooo good!
Breakdown: 42C/3P/11F

Snack 4/Dessert Part 2 FullSizeRender (8)Did I ever mention that the first meal I add into MFP (My Fitness Pal) in the morning is my evening dessert? Well, that’s what I do, so I already had this lovely calculated for the day… and it fit even with my attack of the Chipwich! Yay for Dessert 2! Seriously though, Skinny Cow has been a sweet tooth lifesaver for me. Like the Lean Shake, I eat a Skinny Cow dessert every.single.night.
Breakdown: 30C/4P/3F

After eating all of my meals and snacks for the day, my macros total to 198C/150P/61F. My daily goal is 196C/148P/65F {and you can be +/-5 grams}, so I hit my goals for the day.

And that is What I Ate Wednesday!

P.S. Want to take a look at the meals I’ve been making while counting macros? Check out my recipe board on Pinterest and just change the ingredients to better fit your daily macros.

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