When in doubt, just add glitter…

some girlsHi everyone! It’s been awhile, huh? Life is never dull and mine has been filled with new adventures, constant chaos, and some healthy lifestyle setbacks. I plan to talk a little bit about what I’ve been up to the last few months, but first… in case you didn’t notice… I changed the name of the blog. 

I started Christen {hearts} Pinterest when I was pregnant with my son back in the Fall of 2011. At the time, I wanted to focus on crafting and DIY and all of the things I was making for my baby on the way. After my son was born, my interests started to expand, so I began posting about running and fitness. Also, I wanted to share my library land crafts and activities. I began to realize that my blog name didn’t really fit with everything I wanted to talk about and I need a change. The blog name I originally wanted was already in use, so shout out to my mommy friend Grace from Rebel Mommy Book Blog who came up with Glitter. Run. Repeat.

Glitter. Run. Repeat. will focus on my making and DIY, activities and simple crafts that I do at the library, running and fitness updates, my yearly reading challenges, and everything else I want to talk about. I’m excited!

So Christen, what have you been up to? Thanks for asking! Well, I got a new job! After seven years as a teen librarian, I am now the branch manager of my library system’s littlest {most awesome} branch. I’m the only librarian {and the only full time staff person} with a support staff of six, which means I get to do EVERYTHING. It’s kind of perfect for me since I thrive on chaos and crazy. I’m still getting to know my branch, but have started making little changes and adding my own flair. And speaking of flair, OMG! Meet my new sandwich board: sandwich boardAlso, I’m making it my librarian mission to get us more involved in the local community! It’s going really well so far and I look forward to sharing my success stories here along the way.

Of course, with a new job comes stress… and I’m a stress eater. {Please see above picture for proof of weight gain.} Back in August, I was hitting the gym to lift heavy four times a week. I was also quite successfully counting macros. I had to leave my gym because it was next to my old job and not near my house. Although I joined a new gym, I, unfortunately, do not love it. Oh. And I started eating pints of Ben & Jerry’s after really stressful days. :-/

I’m still momming hard. Threenagers are no joke. Sass, attitude, and spunk ALL.THE.TIME. {I had to put the Sid the Science Kid movie on so I could work on this post because someone was mad at me for not giving him 100% of my attention.} As challenging as he can be, I do love seeing my baby as a big kid. We have lots of adventures, and while he will always be my tiny BFF, I love watching how much fun he has with his daddy these days. {My guys are pretty similar, except Dax eats like me!}

Speaking of Dax’s daddy… Thanks Dave for changing my blog name and updating my banner for me! He’s so good to me! family

So that’s what I’ve been up to! I’m planning to be much more active on here moving forward, so stay tuned for more posts. As always, thanks for reading.


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