What I Ate Wednesday {Part 3}

Holy cow! It’s now been a year since I started counting my macros. (Want to see my first macro post and read up on what a macro is? Check it out here.) I’ve learned a lot about myself, my eating habits, and my body this last 12 months and it’s made for one heck of a journey.

I had a rough winter. There was the stress of a new job, holiday eating, and so much sickness. I stopped counting macros in November and ended up gaining quite a bit of weight. Luckily I got my act back together in February and have managed to stay on track with pretty accurate consistency the last 5 months. I think the biggest positive change though has been my husband jumping on the macro train!!! It’s so much easier to be consistent with your diet when your partner has the same food goals as you.

This past 4 weeks I have hit my macros pretty much every day, allowing myself 1-2 cheat meals a week. (Cheat meals- not cheat days! This is a big deal because I used to have cheat weekends.) My daily macros are 196 grams of carbs/148 grams of protein/64 grams of fat and on an average day, I get my macros in like this:

Breakfast IMG_2467Ah. Coffee with sugar free french vanilla creamer. Breakfast of champions, right there. Or maybe not. I used to eat a bigger breakfast every morning, but some stuff has changed. For example, I now tend to work out after 9:00 pm and am pretty hungry after that workout, so I like to save a “meal” for around 10:00 at night. Also, I’m no longer super hungry when I first wake up. My work day starts an hour earlier than it used to and I’m usually spending my mornings rushing around, trying to get both me and my tiny dude ready for the day. So, coffee it is! 

Snack 1 IMG_2474I discovered Premier Protein a few months ago and I love it! It tastes good, has great macros, and the price is right, too. I like it best mixed with iced coffee, but it also hits the spot straight from the container. I usually save my protein shake for mid day, but I spent three hours in a meeting yesterday and I was digging in my bag for snacks to eat while I sat. This was the easiest one to consume.

Snack 2 IMG_2478The second snack came out around 11:30 yesterday. I love Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt. It has great protein and the carb macros work well for me. Plus, it’s really yummy!

Lunch IMG_2507My days aren’t normally as hectic as yesterday was. I left my meeting at 12:30, drove to AC Moore to buy terra cotta pots, walked over to Home Depot to buy flowers (that’s another upcoming post!), and then was on my way to my library branch at 1:30 because I had a craft program at 2:30. I was in my car around 1:20 and I was STARVING so I ended up eating my pretzel crisps while I drove, and then sat down to eat my lunch when I got to work at 1:45.

Today’s lunch was so great! I mixed a serving of Perdue Short Cuts with 16 grams of Craisins and 30 grams of Cucumber Dill Greek yogurt dressing. I ate this on top of a Sandwich Thin and topped it with 19 grams of goat cheese (which is my new favorite cheese!). Nommmmm.

Snack 3 IMG_2512On Wednesdays, I leave work at 5 and then I pick my son up from my mom and need a little snack before I sit for an hour in the car. I just bought these Cottage Doubles again after not eating them for about a month. I know a lot of people don’t like cottage cheese, but I love it and I feel like it helps keep me full longer.

Dinner IMG_2521Nom nom dinner! Tonight was a turkey burger with a queso Laughing Cow cheese wedge on a Sandwich Thin. I also added two servings of steamed cauliflower on the side mixed with another wedge of Laughing Cow queso cheese and then topped everything with 17 grams of ketchup… because I like condiments… a lot. This is a great dinner. Filling, yummy, and really easy to make.

Post Workout Meal IMG_2533Remember how I mentioned I now eat a meal after my workout? Well, I ate these eggs around 10:30 last night. One egg, 46 grams of egg whites, 113 grams of 1% whipped cottage cheese, 28 grams of reduced fat shredded cheese, and a little Frank’s Hot Sauce. I eat this meal pretty much every night and I love it. I inhale it! (Also, on non gym days, I usually eat this same meal for breakfast with a sandwich thin.)

Dessert IMG_2537And finally, at 11:00 pm, dessert! Dessert is life, people! And being able to eat ice cream every single night is the reason IIFYM works so well for me. I buy the vanilla and chocolate ice cream cups from ShopRite and eat one every night. I top my ice cream with 12 grams of rainbow jimmies, 10 grams of whipped cream, and 32 grams of mini Oreos. Yesterday I was able to add in 4 mini Eggo waffles, too. Perfection!

At the end of the day, my total macros are: 197.5C/149P/63.5F. My daily goal is 196C/148P/64F {and you can be +/-5 grams}, so I was right on target for the day.

And that is What I Ate Wednesday!

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