Library Make & Takes: Star Wands!

IMG_2781I have helped put out A LOT of make and take crafts over the years, but the star wand will always be my favorite! The star wand speaks to your whimsy… and not only if you’re a child. I had three teenage girls visit my library last Tuesday, see the Star Wand supplies on the back table, stop, sit down, and each make one. The next day I had three younger girls walk into the library with their mom. The mom told one of my staff that her daughters were out walking the town yesterday when they saw a group of teenage girls with star wands. The mom asked where they got them because her daughters liked the wands so much. The teens told the mom that they made the wands at the library, so this woman and her daughters were now here to make wands, too! YAY! 

IMG_2782 (1)Star wands are pretty easy to make. I am super lucky because I had two teen volunteers use the library’s die cutter to cut out 50 stars for me out of scrapbook paper. BUT, there are other options. You could put out a template for tracing or print a star onto the paper of your choice and have the kids do the cutting. Also, I used scrapbook paper because I think it’s pretty, but you could use card stock as well and let the kids decorate with crayons, stickers, glue on gems, etc. You will also need dowels. I bought mine from AC Moore, but I have found them cheaper at Walmart previously. Next, ribbon! Lots and lots of curling ribbon! And be prepared to be really surprised by how the ribbons gets used. You might even want to put a pair of scissors out so the ribbon can be curled. Lastly, you will need tape. As a parent, I cringe giving a child tape, but it’s a good way to practice your fine motor skills. Just don’t put out the expensive tape, okay?

IMG_2783 I hope you all enjoy this one. It’s pretty fantastic! In fact, I was already asked if I could put the project back out once school starts for the after school kids. YAY!

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