I’ve recently become mildly obsessed with the idea of sending mail. Maybe it’s because I’m a feeling nostalgic for the days of my childhood when I would see the mailman come to the door and get super excited hoping there was mail for me? Maybe I think people deserve more than bills and ads in their mailbox? Maybe I’m itching for a new creative outlet? Possibly all three of these reasons. 

Last January I joined Pipsticks – a sticker subscription service (no affiliate links posted)- because I wanted to get stickers for my Bullet Journal delivered to my door each month. Plus also…. I LOVE stickers! My subscription pack not only included stickers, but cute little customizable postcards, too. I’ve been holding onto them for the last 10 months and decided last weekend that it was time to start sending them out. Mainly because of this one:

“How do I like my eggs? Umm… in a cake.” Was this the answer to a really bad pick up line or a response to a Jersey waitress? While we will never know, I can say that I love the answer because cake is life.

I sat down and wrote out the postcard to a BFF, then I attacked both sides with washi tape and stickers. I’m pretty happy with how the postcard transformed. Hopefully my friend will be happy with the #happymail.

I started collecting addresses from friends, which means more mail will be going out over the next few months. At the moment, I’m keeping to postcards, but who knows? One day I might be this fancy with my mail.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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