Sew Fantastic Show Off {Boxer Sleep Shorts}

IMG_3744You know it’s almost July when I’m prepping for my 5 week Sew Fantastic sewing session for teens at the library. The program is already filled {I limit it to 8} and it’s looking like I mostly have new and young {6th graders} sewers. My plan is to start off Week 1 with a nice easy square pillow and then spend the last 4 weeks working on these awesome boxer shorts for lounging in this summer. I have a feeling I’m going to want to kick myself, but we’ve never attempted to make clothes before, and this project was relatively simple {except for the elastic waist band. I see some tears in my future, but it’s no worse than a zipper}.  Continue reading

Friday Five Link Up: Five {DIY} Favorites

I have been meaning to take part in The Friday Five Link Up, run by Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia, for the last few weeks, but then something comes up and it doesn’t happen.  Not today though!  Today’s Friday Five is “Favorites” and it can be any five favorites you want to share.  Even though I’m linking up with running/fitness blogs, I want to share my Five Favorite DIYs with all of you today.    Continue reading

DIY Instagram Magnets

11Even though it is still February, Summer Reading will be here at the library before you know it.  I’ve recently began perusing the interwebz, looking for cool, teen friendly crafts that won’t break the budget.  Imagine my joy when I came across instructions for turning your Instagram pictures into magnets.  Instagram is all the rage with my teens {I have been told on more than one occasion that Facebook is for adults}, so I love the idea of showing them how they can take their pictures off the internet and put them on their fridge or locker.  Continue reading

Sew Fantastic Show Off {The Library Tote}

FullSizeRender (4)
I have been obsessed with The Purl Bee’s Twenty Minute Tote for the last several years.  I have used this tutorial to make Christmas presents for my coworkers and teach children through adults at my library how to sew.  It is my go to project for novice sewers and is ALWAYS a crowd favorite.  I have probably made this bag close to 10 times and I have never once posted about it.  Well, today that changes!  Continue reading

Sew Fantastic Show Off {Leather Bottom Tote}

1I’m three weeks away from my most favorite library program: Sew Fantastic.  For our Fall session, we met once a month and worked on smaller projects.  I decided that I wanted to do it a little different for our Winter session and I scheduled us three Thursdays in a row so that we could work on one bigger project.  What’s the project, you ask?  See Kate Sew’s Leather Bottom Tote.   Continue reading

DIY Sharpie Tile Coasters {aka Holiday Presents for the Grandparents}


This will be my son’s third Christmas. While he is pretty positive the holiday revolves around him, I’m trying to also teach him the joy one gets from giving. I’m lucky enough to be mildly creative AND have a toddler who loves to craft. Because of this, I have Dax “make” his presents for his grandparents. (Last year he painted.) Since he’s only two, it’s important for me to find something that is both easy to make, but fun enough to capture his attention. After much internet searching, I decided I loved the idea of DIY tile coasters the best. The supplies are relatively inexpensive (except for the darn Sharpies, but luckily I have my own set) and what two year old doesn’t love coloring with permanent marker?! 🙂 Continue reading

Paper Countdown Chain to Christmas

5I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I love looking for new recipes, sewing patterns, craft ideas, etc. Of course, everything I find on Pinterest is beautiful. Beautiful food. Beautiful sewing. Beautiful people. And in the interest of keeping it real, most of the stuff I create is not beautiful. Oh. Em. Gee. My food presentation always looks like a hot mess (tastes good though!), my home looks like a war zone, and for every awesome craft I do, there are several sitting at the bottom of the trash can, waiting to be chucked in a fit of rage.

Now that my son is two and a half (and is starting to understand presents and Santa and Christmas), I really wanted to embrace the holidays and find ways to get him super excited! I looked on Pinterest for countdown ideas, and most were just too fancy for us. I wanted something that I could create with my son. Something that was uniquely us. That is why I decided to kick it old school and have him help me make a paper countdown chain. Will this craft be wowing the multitudes of crafty moms out there? Nope. But it was really easy to do, fun to make, and will bring us joy for the next 26 days of chain ripping! Continue reading

Duct Tape Bookmarks

photo 8Every summer, my library holds a six week summer reading program where kids read to earn prizes. One of my Grand Prizes for my teens is a “Create Your Own Library Program” package. The teen picks a theme, the food, and his or her friends, and I buy, plan, and create. This year’s winner asked for a Book Themed party with both a hot chocolate and ice cream bar. Dude! Yes, yes, and yes! Continue reading