Wild Wednesdays {Clay Pot Painting}

IMG_2506One of my favorite things about being a public librarian is the programming: Story times, crafts, gaming. I was used to large attendance numbers at my story times, but teen programs would bring in maybe 10 teens at a time. Then I started my new job and was introduced to “Wild Wednesdays”. What are Wild Wednesdays? you ask. My predecessor used to do a craft program every Wednesday at the library for both the public and the kids in the school’s (did I ever mention that my little public library is attached to a school? It is!) after school program. So, imagine, I used to have 10ish teens in a very large meeting room…. and all of a sudden I have 50ish kids in a one room library building expecting a craft. Hence, Wild Wednesdays.  Continue reading

DIY Instagram Magnets

11Even though it is still February, Summer Reading will be here at the library before you know it.  I’ve recently began perusing the interwebz, looking for cool, teen friendly crafts that won’t break the budget.  Imagine my joy when I came across instructions for turning your Instagram pictures into magnets.  Instagram is all the rage with my teens {I have been told on more than one occasion that Facebook is for adults}, so I love the idea of showing them how they can take their pictures off the internet and put them on their fridge or locker.  Continue reading

Sew Fantastic Show Off {The Library Tote}

FullSizeRender (4)
I have been obsessed with The Purl Bee’s Twenty Minute Tote for the last several years.  I have used this tutorial to make Christmas presents for my coworkers and teach children through adults at my library how to sew.  It is my go to project for novice sewers and is ALWAYS a crowd favorite.  I have probably made this bag close to 10 times and I have never once posted about it.  Well, today that changes!  Continue reading

Sew Fantastic Show Off {Leather Bottom Tote}

1I’m three weeks away from my most favorite library program: Sew Fantastic.  For our Fall session, we met once a month and worked on smaller projects.  I decided that I wanted to do it a little different for our Winter session and I scheduled us three Thursdays in a row so that we could work on one bigger project.  What’s the project, you ask?  See Kate Sew’s Leather Bottom Tote.   Continue reading

Duct Tape Bookmarks

photo 8Every summer, my library holds a six week summer reading program where kids read to earn prizes. One of my Grand Prizes for my teens is a “Create Your Own Library Program” package. The teen picks a theme, the food, and his or her friends, and I buy, plan, and create. This year’s winner asked for a Book Themed party with both a hot chocolate and ice cream bar. Dude! Yes, yes, and yes! Continue reading

Sew Fantastic Show Off {Fleece Heart Pillow}

photo 1Tonight’s absolutely adorable Sew Fantastic project was brought to us by FleeceFun.com. (Check out the pattern here.) I teach teens to sew at my library and am always looking for cute and fun projects. This turned out to be a bit more tricky for them than I realized (lots of sewing around curves and fleece is a bit thicker than what they’re used to sewing), but I think they all enjoyed themselves. I know I love my finished project and can’t wait to snuggle with it tonight! Continue reading

Crafternoons {Duck Tape Key Chains}

Duck tape 10

Crafting with my teens at the library is kind of hit or miss.  Earlier this year I decided to make my monthly craft program, Crafternoons, drop in, meaning all the supplies are out and open for several hours to any teens that drop by our teen space. The only tricky part to anything “drop in” is that you never know how many kids to expect so I need to guesstimate my supplies. Oh. And the craft has to be boy/girl friendly. This month I decided to tackle Duck Tape key chains after coming across several pins on Pinterest. The project is fun, easy, and practical. I compiled a list of step by step instructions, but if I’m too hard to understand, check this video out here. (I would like to add, I am not as professional as this video. I don’t use Duck tape sheets and I don’t have a paper cutter.)  Continue reading