2015 Reading Challenge {Week Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six, Twenty-Seven, Twenty-Eight, and Twenty-Nine}

Dude. Summer Reading at a public library is no joke. My days are busy and crazy, and by the time I get home I just want to pass out so I can wake up and do it all again. I’m starting to do a better job of making time for my family, but a lot of my hobbies and interests {read: blogging} have been put aside until things calm down. I do have a few moments of quiet though and I thought I should probably get around to updating everyone on my 2015 50 Book Challenge. The last time I checked in {six weeks ago- whoops!}, I had just finished Jenn Marie Thorne’s The Wrong Side of Right and was getting ready to start  “a book at the bottom of your to-read list”. Let’s play catch up, shall we?

I have been promising myself that I would read Mary E. Pearson’s The Kiss of Deception since last year. Everything I heard about it was stellar, but I just wasn’t really ready to pick it up. Spoiler alert: It was amazing! Continue reading

2015 Reading Challenge {Week Twenty-Three}

So. I finished After. I have so much to say. So much. But mostly I’m just frustrated. And I’m mad at myself for caring. After is 50 Shades light. It reads the same way, but is doubly addicting. Tessa was naive and a fool with no backbone. Hardin was a jerk. And yet… I couldn’t stop reading. Damn you, Todd! I was HOOKED! I actually spent last Saturday night up til 2:30 am reading {which is STUPID when you live with a tiny human alarm clock who likes to wake up in the 6 o’clock hour}. Then I got to the ending and I was like, “What the heck?!?” Horrible.  BUT, it made me want to start the second. However, I refuse! I decided that I could not repeat this cycle with three more books {Anger! Rage! Not being able to go to bed until I know what happens next!}… so I Googled and spoiled the ending of the series. Ha!  Continue reading

2015 Reading Challenge {Week Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One, and Twenty-Two}

I am such a slacker! Oh my gosh! My only excuse to not checking in is that life has been crazy, I’m running constantly, and I have a lot of balls up in the air {in a good way} in my personal life.  Ahhhhhh! So, yeah. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been reading for the last four weeks.

11018028_10105112142207919_3960038543114193805_nThe first book I finished during this four week period was Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen. {#37. A book with a color in the title.} Red Queen was one of the most anticipated YA books of 2015, and honestly, I don’t think it disappointed.  Continue reading

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great week and a super Mother’s Day if you celebrate.

I’m still moving along with the Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Jump Start and it’s going great. I’m not losing inches quite as fast, but I feel better every day and see a difference in my energy levels, sleep, and confidence. All good things! Here’s my review of last week:  Continue reading

2015 Reading Challenge {Week Eighteen}

Welcome to the my weekly 2015 reading challenge wrap up.  Last night I finished book 18 {during the 18th week} of the 52 books I plan to read this year. I’m not going to lie. I wish I was further along, but I’m doing the best I can… which is why I’m doing this challenge. Between work and family life, it’s hard to find time to read. And I really LOVE to read. {Hello! Librarian!} This challenge makes sure I stay motivated to pick my book up for a little bit every day.

So yeah. I finished reading the newest book from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Shadows. I’m shattered. Utterly and totally shattered. Like, Allegiant shattered. Why would you do that to me JR?!?  WHY??????  After finishing the book, I had to quickly walk away from the couch so my husband wouldn’t see the tears flowing, lock myself in the bathroom, and give myself a pep talk. {“It’s just a work of fiction, Christen.  It is NOT real.”}  But, despite the tears, I loved The Shadows. LOVED! I enjoy the characters and the world and cannot wait to read the next book in the series. Continue reading

2015 Reading Challenge {Week Seventeen}

Dude! Last week I *finally* finished Kelley Armstrong’s Sea of Shadows.  BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sea of Shadows was my #17: A book a friend recommended. Usually this friend {Alexis, I’m talking about you!} and I have pretty similar tastes, but not this time.  If it wasn’t for this challenge, I totally would have DNF’d this book. Maybe teens would love it {it is YA}, but the characters were too annoying, the stereotypes were stereotypical, and the pace of the book just didn’t do it for me.  So, yeah. I do not recommend this book!  Continue reading

2015 Reading Challenge {Week One}

It’s 2015!  The two things I have been most excited for are beginning my half marathon training and starting the Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge.  I’ve been obsessing over that Popsugar list for weeks, trying to decide what books fit into which category… and what would be my first book of the challenge?!

I woke up New Year’s morning at 7:00 am and child free, so of course I had to grab my first book of the new year.
I decided to start the 2015 Reading Challenge off by attacking Robin LaFevers’ final book in the His Fair Assassin trilogy, Mortal Heart. {#13. A book set in a different country.} I love, love, love, LOVE this trilogy. Two words for you: Assassin Nuns. There is romance, political intrigue, awesome history.  LaFevers really writes a stellar young adult novel.  If you’re looking for something fast paced and awesome this year, start with Grave Mercy.  I promise, you will not be disappointed. Continue reading