Double Weekly Workout Wrap Up Part 1 {And #28DayJumpStart Results}

Life has been crazy. Between the awesome exercising, Summer Reading quickly approaching, and a few other personal side projects I’m starting, I have not updated my blog in two weeks. No Workout Wrap Ups and No Reading Challenge Check Ins. 🙁 So, I’m going to try to double post and catch up on both today. Let’s start by catching up on the fitness…

Monday, May 11, 2015IMG_2930Monday I worked on upper body strength training during my lunch break.  Continue reading

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Wow!  It’s been a loooooong time since I did any kind of workout check in.  That makes me sad. 🙁

Hurting my knee was rough. Not only was I in pain, but I lost all motivation to exercise. I also started eating all the foods.  It’s my vicious cycle. I mentioned in my Hot Chocolate 15K wrap up that walking that race was a real eye opening experience for me. Seeing the pictures from after the race was also a slap in the face. I gained 20 pounds in several months, lost my confidence in my ability to do hard things, and felt all around terrible. I decided it was time to make a new commitment to myself and my health.

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Wednesday Workout Wrap Up {November 26 – December 2, 2014}

This is the time of year when fitness and nutrition get tricky for me. All the foods. All the excuses. All the head colds. This week didn’t start out great, but I was able to bring it back up and keep my momentum going strong. I also started my own 10 day healthy eating challenge that began on Monday AND the Runner’s World Run Streak  (#RWRunStreak). I want to talk more about both of these things, but I’m going to wait and give them their own post in a day or two. So, what did I do for exercise this week? I thought you would never ask. Continue reading